10 Tips to Grow Better Marijuana Indoors

So you are interested in growing your own cannabis plants at home? As much as it looks like an easy and desirable thing to do, it comes with a unique set of challenges, hence the need for more information. However, this should not be a reason to worry, as some research will go a long way in increasing your chances of success when growing your plants. 

However, it’s important to acknowledge that growing cannabis indoors is a skill that you will learn gradually by doing it yourself. Therefore, you need to be very patient with yourself as much as possible and try to get as much information as possible during the beginner stages. To help you begin your journey, here are some tips that will help you succeed in growing cannabis indoors:

1. Choose the best strains

This is one of the most important factors to consider in the marijuana growing process. A plant that has good genes can set the right foundation for proper growth. This is in consideration that plants with bad genes are less likely to get any better no matter the amount of effort made when growing them.  You need to go for the strains that have the following traits:

  • Resistance to mold
  • Adaptability to extreme temperature differences
  • Resistance to pests
  • Resistance to over watering
  • Good adaptability to humidity fluctuations

2. Consider location

Given that you’re not starting a business, you might be wondering why location is important when growing cannabis indoors. The answer here is quite straightforward. The area from which you grow your marijuana is important because it can make it easier or more challenging to access natural elements such as light, humidity, temperature, and others. Such factors have a major effect on the proper growth of any plant, marijuana included. 

3. Start small

In addition to location, growing cannabis in a small space is desirable as it makes it easier to control and maintain the plants’ environmental conditions with ease. It’s also easier to monitor a small number of cannabis plants. As if that is not enough, you will avoid straining yourself financially, given that it’s less costly to set up a small space. Besides, your mistakes as an amateur marijuana grower will not be so expensive. However, be sure to carefully design the growing space since cannabis plants can become twice as large during their early flowering stage. 

4. Get the right soil and fertilizer

Using high-quality natural soil is very important when growing marijuana, as your plants will have all the necessary supplements and nutrients. Getting good soil means that you might not even be required to use any additives unless when the plant is in the last growth stages. If you must use some fertilizer, be sure to research on the amount to use so that your plants won’t experience leaf harm, burns, or even become weakened.

5. Provide adequate lighting conditions

Light is a vital element when growing marijuana. The good thing is that it has become so easy to control such elements, with equipment such as LED grow lights for marijuana and others. When selecting the lighting equipment, be sure to go for LED lights that have a light spectrum adjustability feature. That’s in consideration that for the vegetative stage, you will need light in the blue spectrum and light in the red spectrum for the flowering stage. 

6. Ensure cleanliness

To ensure that your plants are not affected by diseases, you have to do whatever you can to reduce the chances of exposure and spread. One of the most effective methods of avoiding exposure to diseases and controlling their spread is keeping the growing area as clean as possible. 

7. Set the right room temperature 

Temperature affects the photosynthesizing process of any plants, cannabis included.  Growing your cannabis in a cold room means that there will be less evaporation through its leaves. This, in turn, leads to a lowered rate of nutrient absorption. The most ideal temperature when the lights are working is 68 – 77F. The temperature difference between the light cycles and the dark cycles should not be more than 50F.

8. Ensure proper airflow

Proper ventilation and free-flowing air also go a long way in facilitating the proper growth of your plants. The quality of air that your cannabis receive can make some difference in the growth. Even though the difference is subtle, it will be exactly what you require to turn great into amazing. 

9. Consider the four P’s of growing marijuana 

The four P’s (Pluck, prune, pinch, and be patient) of growing marijuana are important as they make it possible to grow bigger and thicker buds. Pinching off the plant’s middle growth point encourages a bushy expansion. However, the pinching has to be done when the plant is more than two weeks away from budding. 

You should also pluck the leaves that hinder light from reaching any growth points, but be sure to be moderate as you do so. Remember to prune the plants as well, to encourage controlled and beneficial stress on the plant. The last “P” is all about following all the processes without rushing. Be as patient as possible for higher chances of success when growing marijuana. 

10. Harvest when it’s right

Avoid by all means, harvesting when it’s too late or early. You will know that the buds are mature once their white hairs have become brownish or rusty red. It’s also a good idea to pick a few buds during different stages, to determine which stage offers the best results. Once you are done with harvesting, dry the buds nicely, and then cure them afterward in jars. Patience is the key to achieving the best results. 


The ten tips discussed in this article should make it easier and more appealing to grow cannabis from the comfort of your home. Following the basic guidelines is all you have to do to be successful in growing cannabis indoors. You should, however, be ready to face some setbacks. When such setbacks come your way, they should teach you valuable lessons that you can use later on for greater success in growing marijuana at home. Always pay close attention to the plants as they grow to identify the slightest mistakes early enough. 

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