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3 Things I like About the DaVinci Vaporizer – and One I Don’t

The DaVinci portable vaporizer is unlike any hand-held vaporizer on the market. Its unique function, design, and wide range of use allows it to compare even to expensive non-portable vaporizers. It sports more features than most portable vaporizers are able to execute, making it one of the best that I’ve ever used.

As a medical marijuana patient, I have tried numerous portable vaporizers for both dry herb and cannabis oil. With the rapidly expanding market, it seems that everybody has a slightly different design or different kind of modifications for their hand-held vaporizers. However, all of them still seem remarkably similar. Most are shaped like a pen, some more bulky than others as they have been tirelessly upgraded with modifications. Others are slimmer with less capabilities. Dozens of companies have decided to jump on the vaporizer bandwagon, viewing the safer alternative to smoke inhalation as a massive market. As a result, dozens of companies are fighting to become leading brands by adding modification options and seemingly impressive specs. However, all of them have inhibited themselves because they have stuck to the same basic design—until now.

The Pros

Lightweight but Sturdy

The DaVinci is an entirely new design that is not even comparable to other vaporizer models on the market. It looks more like a two-way radio rather than a pen, but the size doesn’t make it difficult to carry. It is quite light and fits in your pocket nicely. I really had not expected it to be as sturdy as it was, considering how lightweight it was. My caregiver dropped it on concrete when he tried handing it to me. When I picked it up, it was entirely scratch-free due to its rubberized coating and it still worked perfectly. A lot of atomizers would have been destroyed with such a fall, so I was thoroughly impressed.

Temperature Control

One of the primary things about the DaVinci that sets it apart from competitors is its ability to change temperature. Expensive traditional vaporizers always had this feature for herb and I was extremely excited to see that DaVinci had executed it into its design. While it is important to control the temperature for herb, it is even more important to control the temperature for oil. The DaVinci is one of the few vaporizers that I have found that offers the ability to vape essential oils and marijuana concentrates rather than only dry herb and e-juice. As a medical marijuana patient and enthusiast, I use cannabis oil on a fairly regular basis. Like many low-temp dabbers out there, I am a stickler about how hot I allow my oil to become when I medicate. I’ve used a lot of vaporizers and none were able to deliver the same effect I would get if I were to use an oil rig—until I used the DaVinci. Since I was able to turn down the temperature, I received the same exact effect as I would have if I were to use a glass piece. (However, I did notice that it took a longer amount of time to vaporize due to the design of the product, which I mention in the cons section.)

For anyone that does not understand why temperature makes such a difference, allow me to explain: not only does a low temperature maintain the flavor, but it also results in less concentrate diminishing, a longer high, and it even delivers different (and more positive) psychoactive properties. Other vaporizers tend to melt the concentrate too quickly, wasting both money and product. The DaVinci is capable of melting them too quickly if you do not set the temperature to a low setting and wait patiently for it to drip. Using the DaVinci’s temperature control feature for concentrates is a concept comparable to drip dabbing, though the process is quite a bit slower. For this reason, it worked much better for liquid concentrate (Rick Simpson oil) than shatter or crumble.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning oil or herb from a vaporizer can be a struggle. The DaVinci is one of the first that I have come across to try to combat this common complaint. As many companies do not like endorsing marijuana or concentrate use, they oftentimes do not offer easy-to-clean modifications. The DaVinci, however, has a small brush when you open the top compartment. The brush makes it extremely simple to clean out a lot of difficult herb and concentrate reclaim. For medical patients like myself, it is pertinent that we are able to keep our pieces as clean as possible. The makers of the DaVinci really took these things into consideration and delivered what marijuana enthusiasts needed.

Large Chamber

Most vaporizers do not offer enough storage for a large amount of herb, but the DaVinci actually has a rather large chamber. I found it very simple to add a good portion of bud into the chamber and use it freely. It takes away a lot of the hassle that comes along with most of its competitors. Dropping loose herb everywhere was always one of my common complaints using other vaporizers, but the amount of storage in the DaVinci makes it incredibly easy for continuous use. Gone are the days of repacking a small attachment eight times over!


The DaVinci comes along with a two-year warranty and a 90-day warranty for the battery. The two-year warranty includes any attachments, the heating chamber, and even the product’s uild. Many vaporizers do not come with any warranty, so I was pleased to see that the $169 (this price is based on their current markdown and may not be permanent, considering its usual retail value is $199) investment was protected.

Easy to Use

Many portable vaporizers have confusing instructions. I have used more than one vape that requires you to press the power button six times to turn it on and three times to turn it off. I don’t know anybody that would remember this short of muscle memory or carrying the instructions on them all of the time, especially after medicating. The DaVinci, however, is very straightforward. Turning it on is as easy is sliding the on/off switch and using it is as easy as pressing the plus and minus buttons. Unlike most other vaporizers, there is a screen, allowing you to actually see when it is on and when it isn’t.

The Cons 

Short Battery Life

While the DaVinci is a great vaporizer, it does not last long. After three or four very short uses, the battery is seemingly drained. Since I primarily vape on-the-go, this was a bit of an issue for me. It can be used while it is on the charger, but that isn’t very useful for people like myself that only rely on a vaporizer during travel.

Concentrates Melt Far too Slowly

While I enjoyed the effect that I felt from low-temp concentrate use, the design of the DaVinci does not make concentrate use very easy. If the concentrate doesn’t make it to the bottom of the deep canister, you may not even get any vapor because it will not heat up at all. I had an extremely positive experience using a liquid concentrate, but when I tried using it with shatter, it was quite difficult. I used narrow dabber to press the concentrate to to the bottom of the can, which is my best recommendation for anyone that is trying to use it with non-liquid oils.

 It Gets a Little Hot

After use, the unit itself seems to become rather hot. In fact, it gets so hot that it is uncomfortable to the touch. Considering portable vapes are meant to be held comfortably in your hand, it can become a bit problematic.


Overall, the DaVinci is an extremely innovative product that is great for using herbs and essential oils, but only in their liquid form. It combats a lot of common problems with other vaporizers and is even comparable to traditional non-portable vapes. However, it does not work well for solid concentrates and its battery life is very short. The vaporizer is a little expensive, as it generally retails for $199 (with a recent price drop, it is $169), but it does live up to the expectations that I would have for its price point.

DaVinci now offering free shipping to DenverWeed.com readers.




    • Michelle - April 9, 2015

      I actually have a DaVinci Vaporizer and I love it! While I don’t particularly enjoy it for concentrates- there are cheapo pens out there that are way more convenient, I do love it for dry herbs since I can control the temp. Plus- security guards at concerts don’t even give it a second glance due to its form factor.

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