5 Cannabis-related Career Paths

The legal weed industry has been witnessing a steady rise in every sphere since the USA started legalizing it in many states. There are now 33 states which have legalized the use of medical marijuana, out of which 11 have even agreed to legalize its recreational use. The market surrounding this industry is booming. Every year it witnesses a rise in context to money and employment. The industry now offers some truly interesting and low investment career paths for the youth to select from. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Weed Delivery Service

Weed delivery, which used to be illegal before is now a booming industry that contributes substantially to the income tax pool of the states. Especially in places like Washington D.C., a cannabis user would be able to find multiple delivery services offering some rare and quite premium strains. Most of these companies are doing very well and are being able to support a lot of employees with a decent salary.


A budtender is a person who is behind the counter at a weed dispensary. Budtenders are well-paid employees ($34,000 to $43,000 on average) as they are expected to have in-depth knowledge of cannabis and all its strains along with customer interaction skills. They are supposed to be your guide inside the shop. They talk to you and try to narrow down on the best strain for you while keeping your budget in mind. It is a truly interesting and respectable job for someone with deep knowledge about cannabis.

Website Developer

These days no new business is complete without a futuristic and attractive website. Keeping in mind that the weed industry is booming and now legal, we should not be surprised that a lot of new websites are also being made for companies. These websites are witnessing heavy traffic from almost all age groups. With such a high demand for developers of cannabis websites, it is definitely a lucrative career path to specialize in. Weed website developers earn around $57,000 annually, which is a very respectable figure.

Edibles Chef

Cooking is a nice hobby and an even more enjoyable profession. Chefs who know how to make edibles are now in demand. Almost every other bakery now wants edibles to be on their menu as they can be sold for high prices. Thus the bakers are well paid as they have to make sure they get the correct consistency of cannabis without compromising in taste and baking skills. The average salary of an edibles chef in the USA is around $65,000 on average.

Cannabis Cultivation

With the rising demand for Cannabis in the States, the cultivation industry had to pull up its socks too. The requirement for ‘grow masters’ started to increase. Grow masters have to possess a certain skill set and formal education related to the cultivation of marijuana. Though even without formal education some experienced growers are being paid a whopping $100,000 annually.

With the world waking up to the health benefits of marijuana it won’t be long before every country starts pulling down the laws binding its sale and use. There will be many more career paths with even better prospects that will come forth once the whole world starts trading legally in it.

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