5 Incredible Facts Every User Should Know About The Cannabis Industry

Most cannabis users are familiar with the amazing experience and health benefits it cannabis offers. But there is a lot more to know about this incredible herb. The industry is big, much bigger than you may realize and things are set to boom even more as the list of legal states becomes longer. So here are some incredible facts about the cannabis industry that you might want to know.

Fact #1: Legal in 35 states

Cannabis was originally seen in a bad light, but it has come a long way in recent years. Its use, sale, and possession are no longer illegal in most parts of the country. As of February 2021, cannabis is legal in 35 states and the District of Columbia. So you can buy, use, and possess it legally if you follow the law regarding age, quantities, qualifying condition, and possession of a medical marijuana card.

Fact #2: Millions of medical cannabis users in the U.S.

The legal status of cannabis is great news for users across the U.S., and it is a well-deserved achievement as well. The country has millions of medical cannabis users today, and the numbers will get only bigger in the future. California tops the list of states with the highest number of users, with as many as 2 million registered patients in 2020. Oklahoma comes as a close second.

Fact #3: Booming sales during the pandemic

The pandemic brought crisis for most industries, but cannabis is among the ones that have done well. Storefronts and delivery services have done well because the demand for cannabis increased during the period. Quality sellers like Crown Cannabis that serve multiple locations kept the supplies going for users. Apart from providing quality products and services, providers adhered to the safety and hygiene measures during this challenging time.

Fact #4: Washington has the highest tax rates on marijuana

Legalizing cannabis is a favorable step for the government from a tax perspective because the industry yields billions in excise tax revenues. Washington has the highest tax rate with 37%, while Maine is at the bottom of the list with 10%. Each state follows an individual tax system for cannabis, which makes it vital to understand the one that works in your state.

Fact #5: Employment rates are impressive and growing

The industry is not just big in terms of consumer base and revenues. It also has impressive numbers of employees. Statistics indicate that it employs at least 250,000 people already, and the number will rise steadily in 2021 and beyond. Cannabis job seekers Career can explore jobs that go beyond directly growing the plants. These include areas such as sales and marketing, dispensary jobs, budtending, and cannabis extraction.

These facts about the cannabis industry may be hard to believe, but they are real.

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