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5 Things to look for in E-Liquids

Assuming that you have been a regular vaper for a while, you probably know your way around the industry. However, if you have just started feeling your way around this, a few pointers to guide you wouldn’t go amiss. For that reason, this article showing the five things to look for in an e-liquid should help you massively.

  1. Brand

What brand of the c-cigarettes do you know? If none, you should start with a bit of research to familiarize yourself with all the top brands that you can order. Remember, a good, well-known brand guarantees you the reliability, safety, and surety you need from such a product. Without that, you could be exposing yourself to unimaginable problems. Look for brands that:

  1. Promise and deliver premium quality
  2. Use nothing but safe ingredients
  3. Offer various well-developed flavors

2. Flavor

As already mentioned, flavor is an important determinant in choosing one e-liquid out of the many that are available. For this reason, you should pay close attention to it. Most users of e-cigs love the sheer range of flavors that are available to them. Regardless of your style or palette, you will find a perfect one for yourself! Therefore, always look for the right flavor! Visit German Flavours for a great variety of flavors.

Generally, your choice of flavor is likely to be from the following categories:

  1. tobacco
  2. fruit
  3. mint
  4. beverage
  5. bakery
  6. dessert

3. Nicotine Content

The content of nicotine is just as important as the other two factors. No two c-cigarettes are the same in terms of nicotine contents. For this reason, as an example, somebody shifting from usual cigarettes to e-liquid should go for products with higher content of nicotine. Nevertheless, you will soon realize that 3MG is the most common nicotine level in the industry.

4. Fluid Base

Where e-liquid is concerned, PG and VG are the two fluid bases that are used most often. Because of that, expect to encounter them aplenty. PG stands for propylene glycol. On the other hand, VG refers to vegetable glycerin. The two are quite different. Therefore, don’t use them interchangeably. The main difference between them is:

  • PG delivers stronger hits
  • VG produces thicker clouds of smoke

5. Price

For most people, price would rank as the top factor in choosing e-liquid. However, as you have seen, there’s more to choosing your favorite c-cigarettes. You will encounter several pricey brands worth spending your money on. Start with the mid-priced products first if you don’t have money to blow off.



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