8 Tips for Using A Dry Herb Vaporizer for Vaping

Dry herb vaping has numerous benefits for smoking weed than other, more traditional alternatives. However, you need to know what you’re doing and here are some tips to do so.


  1. Only Use Fresh Herb


Fresh herb is ideal. It does not have to be freshly harvested, but rather high-quality bud that’s properly cured instead of stale, old and dried out herb. Don’t forget that your vaping experience will only be as good as the herb you vape.

Vaporizing is a process that relies on nature and involves heating herb or weed until when the compounds contained within it reach boiling point and turn into vapor that can be inhaled like smoke. It is therefore always better to use fresh herb since its moisture content is likely to be higher.

The herb that you load into the chamber should neither be too wet nor too dry. A great way you can test the moisture content is by touching it. Your weed should not be moist or wet to the touch, but it should also not be so dry that it is easily crushed into a fine powder using just the fingers.


  1. Get the Grind Right


Once you have inspected the weed and decided that it is fit for vaping, you can now get the grind on. Grinding the herbs helps increase the surface area. This in turn allows heat from the vaporizer to penetrate the plant matter better thus resulting in a tasty, nice, thick vapor.

When you CBD vape dry herb, ensure that the grind is nice, even, and medium. Using an electric or manual herb grinder is the best way to do this. If you don’t have an herb grinder, grind up the herb as you normally do. However, the grind should be even, which can be harder to achieve if you don’t have the right weed grinder.

Pro Tip: Avoid grinding more weed than is needed to fill one chamber. The leftover ground weed is likely to dry out a much quicker.


  1. Check the Temperature


Temperature is an important consideration in vaping. You should thus get the temperature setting right each session, irrespective of whether you vape concentrates or dry herb.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds to work out the right temperatures. As a general rule of thumb, vape between 180 and 210°C or 364 and 410°F. You will, however, want to experiment to find the most suitable setting.

Cannabinoids of different types vaporize at different temperatures and slight variations in the bud’s moisture content or even the texture of your grind is also likely to affect how well the weed vaporizes.

Users often find that vaping at varied temperatures produces varied effects. Lower temperature vaping usually leaves users more functional and clear-headed, while higher temperature vaping usually produces relaxation and strong euphoria.

Below are the boiling points of cannabis compounds to help you figure out the most suitable temperature for you:

–           Myrcene 334°F/168°C

–           THC 315°F/157°C

–           CBC 428°F/220°C

–           CBN 356°F/180°C

–           Caryophyllene 320°F/160°C

–           Pinene 311°F/155°C

–           CBG 126°F/57°C


  1. Pack Tight Even Though Not Too Much


Just like smoking from a pipe or bong, how you pack the vape chamber will have a great effect on your overall experience. You should find the sweet spot of packing the chamber with enough herb to produce a decent amount of vapor without having to go overboard.

On the same note, it is important to avoid over-packing the chamber since this is likely to affect the flow of vapor from the chamber to your mouthpiece. Over-packing can also damage the inside of the vape sometimes.


  1. Preheat the Vape


Vaporizers are comparable to ovens; they require some time to get up to temperature. Just as you cannot stick your roast chicken in a cold oven, you must never stick herb into a vape that has not had enough time to heat up.

Fortunately, modern portable vaporizers preheat in a matter of seconds, which means that the vape will be ready to use by the time you finish grinding up the weed. However, desktop or older model vaporizers can take slightly longer to get up to temperature.

Regardless of the kind of vape you are using, ensure that you read the instructions provided thoroughly and learn how to preheat it properly. This ensures that your weed will always vaporize consistently and properly thus ensuring an enjoyable vaping experience each time.


  1. Inhale Lightly and Slowly


When vapes were initially introduced, the trend was to take big, long, deep drags from the mouthpiece as though you are attempting to such a piece of fruit via a straw from the bottom of a smoothie.

Vaping like this has two main drawbacks:

–           Taking long, hard puffs from the vape causes some herb to get sucked up from the chamber and into the mouth via the mouthpiece.

–           Drawing hard and often from the vape allows cold air to get into the chamber. Ultimately, this lowers the temperature inside the vape, which makes the machine work harder thus affecting the vapor’s quality.


  1. Avoid Combustion


When you are vaping, combustion is one thing you need to avoid. Combustion is what happens after you light the end of a bong, joint, or blunt. If you combust your weed, you will essentially be breaking down the chemical bonds within it, which leads to the formation of “free radicals.”

The compounds can then combine together thus creating hundreds of other new compounds, many of which are carcinogenic and very toxic. Don’t forget that the major reason why you are actually vaping is to avoid the negative aspects of smoking.

You should thus take time to experiment with different temperatures to find the sweet spot that allows for the best production of vapor without having to burn the herb.

A good place is to start is by following the temperature guide mentioned above, but don’t forget to take time to play around with the settings each session to account for differences in moisture content as well as the weed’s physical consistency.


  1. Maintain the Vape


The best way to ensure that your vaping experience is great is to maintain your vaporizer properly. Like other pieces of equipment, vaporizers should be well kept to function at their best.

When you get the vape, ensure that you read the care instructions provided in the manufacturer’s user guide. Follow the instructions provided and don’t forget to regularly clean out the vape and replace the parts as required.

Vaporizers can be expensive to buy, replace, or maintain. To ensure that yours lasts as long as it is designed to, don’t forget to maintain/care for it like you would other pieces of expensive equipment.

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