A Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana Quality Assessment

Finding the best quality marijuana can be a challenge, but it isn’t something you should go slack with. Whether you plan to consume weed for medicinal or recreational purposes, quality is paramount. But evaluating it gets confusing because of the sheer number of options out there. Moreover, most weed lovers have no idea about the essentials. It makes sense to know your basics about marijuana quality assessment so that you get the best products and value for your money. Here is a beginner’s guide to the factors you should consider as a part of the quality assessment process.

Looks matter

This one is a no brainer as lush green buds are always the best from the quality perspective. You may even settle for some shades of red, purple, and brown as long as the product passes the other criteria. When you assess the looks, ensure that there isn’t a lot of stem and seeds in it. Good buds have chunks of flowers instead of stem and seeds.

Smell it up

The aroma is another factor that helps with the assessment of weed because it indicates the kind of care taken while rearing the plant. Good ones may vary from smelling sweet to woody and diesel-like, but the aroma is always swift and hits hard. If the product lacks the aroma, it has probably lost effectiveness. Also, avoid foul-smelling cannabis because it is often the result of a lack of care during cultivation and processing.

Check its potency

The efficacy of cannabis hinges on the potency of cannabinoids it contains, so this is another factor to verify when you check its quality. Fortunately, checking the potency of the product need not be a challenge, even for newbies. You can click here to learn more about testing kits that you can easily use at home. It helps to know about the CBD and THC levels, particularly if you are looking for selective strains to work on specific medical conditions.

Look at the moisture level

If you are looking for good buds, always settle for the sticky ones. Marijuana flowers curated and stored with care are fresh with terpenes, which give them a sticky texture. The lack of terpenes, on the other hand, makes them dry and easy to crush. Feel the texture for quick evaluation of moisture levels and ensure that your weed has adequate softness.

Pay attention to molds and pests

While you should assess the natural factors like the look, smell, and texture carefully, paying attention to molds and pests is equally important. A careful look at the flowers is enough for identifying them. Improper storage and processing can spoil even the best quality weed, so go the extra mile with a check. Mold and pests not only compromise the quality but can also make the product unfit for consumption.

While you can rely on these elements for quality assessment of marijuana, picking only from a reputed seller and brand adds to trust. Also, stick only to the products that are tested and certified by third-party labs for extra surety.

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