A Newbie’s Guide To Cannabis Clones – How To Get Started

Growing your own weed is a great idea, but it requires solid research before getting your gardening skills into action. You may choose to start with seeds or clones, though the latter is a better option if you want to skip the entire germination period and save a few weeks of hard work nurturing the delicate new plants. Additionally, you can have only females in your grow space, so you are sure about getting a hefty yield with clones.

But everything boils down to choosing the healthiest of clones for your space. Fortunately, you can find them in dispensaries across the U.S. But you need to be aware of the characteristics that indicate the good health of young cannabis clones. Here are some tips for newbies to follow while picking them.

Know the basics of clone quality

Assessing clone quality can be tricky, but research takes you a long way. Roots are the starting point of quality assessment because these are vital to the stability and longevity of the plant. Strong, white roots indicate a healthy clone, while you should steer clear of the ones with brown, shriveled roots. Stem width is another parameter that deserves attention, as thin and narrow ones show that the cuttings come from a weak plant. Solid green coloration is another factor that indicates a healthy plant. You must also know their origin because incorrectly labeled genetics, pests, disease, and unknown pesticide issues can cause problems with the rest of the garden.

Buy only from a reputed dispensary

When you are just starting, you must choose a reputable source for picking your first clones. Shop from a dispensary that sources them only from trusted growers as you can rely on their word for it, even if you are not experienced enough to assess the quality parameters. If you are in California, you can go online to buy the best cannabis clones orange county and have them delivered to your doorstep. Choose a dispensary that offers customer support, as you can seek answers to your queries from their staff. It makes sense to spend a tad more but never compromise with quality.

Have a quarantine space ready at home

Getting top-notch quality starters for your cannabis garden is only half the work done. You also need to have a safe quarantine space ready for them when you bring them home. Choose a well-lit area with good air circulation, because these ensure a safe space for the new plant. Quarantining the clones is a good idea because it will protect the rest of the garden even if they develop any problems. Moreover, you can treat them with preventative measures in this private space before introducing them to the main garden area after a couple of weeks.

Although following these steps may take some extra work, they can help you get the best cannabis clones for your garden. Further, they potentially prevent a big hassle as you need not worry about the unknown hazards that could come with a malignant cutting.

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