All You Need To Know About CBD Oil Massage

As the state of Colorado begins to cultivate more cannabis, a new type of oil is being presented to Steamboat Springs local residents.  CBD oil is a powerful natural oil originating from the hemp plant and is now being presented at Life Essentials Day Spa. 

Will CBD Oil Make A Person Hallucinate?

Contrary to popular belief, CBD oil will not make you ‘high’.  In fact, the higher the level of CBD oil in the hemp plant, the lower the level of THC – the element that contributes to hallucinations.

  • CBD or Cannabidiol

In certain strains of hemp, CBD oil is a type of medicine that has been utilized for thousands of years treating all forms of ailments from mental disorders to chronic pain.  In fact, it is said that Queen Victoria used CBD massage oil to treat menstrual cramps.  More about the healing natural of CBD oil massage will be discussed later.

  • THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol

One of the different strains of the hemp plant is responsible for production of high THC concentration which does not contribute to psychoactive results.  However, the hemp grown for CBD usage contains less than 0.3 percent of THC; therefore, the hemp plant grown for THC utilization contains trace amounts of CBD properties.

How Does This Work In The CBD Oil Massage?

Both THC and CBD are types of cannabinoids.  As children, we all learn about the body’s different systems, such as the immune system, the cardiovascular system, and the nervous system; however, did you know about a person’s endocannabinoid system?  Discovered in 1992, the endocannabinoid system acts as a means of balancing mind and body to form a state of homeostasis for health and healing.

According to the WebMD website, cannabinoid receptors are located in brain cells and nerve cells throughout the body.  The cannabinoid receptors are molecules binding cannabinoids, and if found in the immune system will suggest that the cannabinoids play a role in the individual’s immunity.

A person’s body produces cannabinoids to heal and rejuvenate their physical state; and this contributes to the positive feelings experienced after good workouts, a job well down, or a refreshing sleep.  Simply put, the CBD oil massage can trigger thousands of cannabinoid receptors that are already operating throughout your body.  The oil merely simulates the body’s own need to heal and rejuvenate itself to gain a state of homeostasis. 

What Are The Advantages Of CBD Oil Massage?

  1. Reduced Inflammation

The poor quality of the average American diet, along with society’s hurried lifestyle, decreases a body’s natural ability to overcome inflammation.  According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, chronic inflammation is associated with many physical diseases, cancer, and autoimmune problems.  CBD combines with natural cannabinoid receptors in the body to assist in reversing the effects of chronic inflammation.

  1. Reduction Of Oxidative Stress

The average individual struggles to deal with their toxic urban environment where the body has a need for neutralizing free radicals with antioxidants.  Unfortunately, the overgrowth of damaged free radical cells will lead to oxidative stress.  One of the most powerful treatments for oxidative stress is CBD oil which is a natural antioxidant containing neuroprotective properties.

  1. Combating Chronic Pain

CBD can reduce feelings of chronic pain by connecting with neuro pathways within cancer patients and individuals with fibromyalgia.  Research has found that the use of this product does not result in dependence on the oil, such as the case of opioids.  Moreover, evidence has shown that CBD oil can prevent degeneration of the nervous system.

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