All You Need to Know About Klever Garden

Don’t settle for some pharmacy weed when only the best and freshest marijuana will do. You can now grow a perfect batch of plants in your own home affordably! Yes, it has become affordable now with a new Kickstarter campaign from Austin TX based company Klever Garden. They have fully automated a system for growing Marijuana and Cannabis at home!

The supply their own grow tent or you can buy your own and plug in their system. This allows you to use any size grow tent, indoor or outdoors, and create any condition that you like. And in it, you can put grow lights, fans, exhausts, misters, pumps, music, whatever you like and it is all controlled by their grow box.

We know it is difficult to grow to say the least. Very few of us are true experts at gardening, we often need to be away from our gardens on weekends and holidays, and our schedules are busy enough as they are without adding in any extra chores. Addressing all these challenges and more, Klever Garden is making it possible for anyone to grow the indoor garden of your dreams.

Their grow controller already has profiles to be able to grow some of the best strains hydroponically. Why Hydroponically? Because you can get the best results in the fastest time possible. The controller knows for a strain, how much nutrients, lights, water, ph level, strains need to grow. You can even save your profile and play it back later to repeat the same results!

As cannabis becomes more and more widely accepted, gardening systems like this one are going to become more and more popular. What sets Klever Garden apart from competitor systems is its flexibility and its smart technology. This is a system that anyone can figure out and start using right away!

Klever Garden features everything you need to get growing immediately: temperature sensors, humidity sensors, soil moisture sensors, EC sensors, pH sensors, and CO2 sensors. Their system is designed for indoor use, but it will work well outdoors and in greenhouses as well. Fully autonomous and computer controlled, Klever Garden keeps your garden healthy without any intervention! You just plant the seeds or the clones and let them grow. You can grow hundreds of plants with this system, either with soil or with hydroponics.

Some of their features include:

* Controlled environment free of pests and contaminants.

* Smart scheduler for water and nutrients at various growth stages.

* Manual control possible for water and lights.

* Compatible with add-on components so that you can keep upgrading.

* Transmits water via 3 channels (pump, hose, dosing).

* Set rules for your garden manually or automatically.

* Companion app for monitoring growth and capturing images!

It’s becoming more and more of a norm that we have reached an age where automation has reached the gardening space. With the Klever Garden system you can actually grow cannabis from seed and harvest in about 60 days without doing any work on the plant in between. Typically the only thing that people do in between is “train” their plants. There are hundreds of articles out their on how to train your plants so that it grows as you would like it to grow. Sometimes wide or sometimes tall and narrow. Other than training the water,ph levels, minerals, misting, humidity, fan, is all scheduled for you.

The mobile app seems to have quite a few features including manual control, multiple gardens, a dashboard or readings, pictures of your grow daily, a journal for you, and even a task list. With all of these, we will be able to get good results and know what the exact condition was that produced the result.

The price seems very fair considering any competitors that we found are in the $1500 + just for the controller without even the tent or cabinet. At about $500 for their kickstarter price for the grow box and $1000 for their Grow Box + Tent/Hydroponic Kit, its very reasonable and most people can recover their investment in 6 months!

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