Authentication System (GLOTRACK) Launched by Glo Extracts

If you are looking for the best THC cartridges, it is worth checking out Glo Extracts.  THC cartridges are becoming increasingly popular and Glo Extracts is emerging as an innovative company.  This is what makes Glo Extracts so innovative and well-respected.

The Company

Glo Extracts is a cannabis company that specializes in THC cartridges.  The packaging is extremely important when looking at the quality of these cartridges.  The packaging around the cartridge is extremely tight and hard.  It takes a little bit of work to get the cartridge out of the packaging itself.  Once you open up the packaging, you will notice how potent the smell of the cartridge is along with the pureness of it.  The design of the box, as well as the extremely secure packaging around the cartridge, ensures that the product is safe and ready to use.  The high-quality material is a big part of what makes these cartridges so respected in the cannabis industry.  The protection of the cartridge is very important to the quality of the product and Glo Extracts takes its packaging very seriously.

What Does The QR Code (GLOTRACK) Do?

Glo Extracts has launched something that is needed in the cannabis industry called the Glotrack.  The Glotrack is an authentication service that provides lab results to products real-time to users, and the percentage of THC in each of the cartridges.  Glo Extracts is extremely innovative in giving the customer the results of their product straight from the lab.  The fact that Glo Extracts is allowing this kind of access to their products shows how dedicated they are to being transparent with their customers.

Lab Results 

These cartridges are tested endlessly by the tireless chemists in the several laboratories and those results and batch numbers are provided to you just by simply scanning the QR code on the package.  You can even see these lab results online before you purchase the product.  Glo Extracts is taking extra steps by doing this to help you save money.  The stellar innovation and transparency from Glo Extracts show you how much the company really cares about putting the customers first.


In summary, Glo Extracts is a cannabis company that aims to set themselves apart from their competition.  The way that they set themselves apart is by being accurate and transparent with the customer, making for excellent customer service.  One of the things that makes them transparent is that they came up with the Glotrack.  The Glotrack is an authentication service that provides lab results on what ingredients and the percentages of them that are in the cartridges.  The Glotrack is unique to Glo Extracts as they are one of the only brands to be giving customers this type of access.  

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