Baking With Cannabis: 5 Tips for Success

Baking with cannabis is an excellent alternative to smoking. Baked goods do not carry the health problems of inhaled smoke, and it is much easier to control the amount of cannabis consumed. Plus, you won’t have to worry about a lingering smell (except for the delicious aroma of baking, that is). If you’ve never baked with cannabis before, these five tips will help ensure a delicious and rewarding experience.

1. Choose high-quality ingredients.

The cannabis will probably be the most expensive ingredient in your baked goods. With that in mind, why try and skimp on the cost of the other ingredients? Use fresh nuts, top-shelf chocolate chips, pure honey, and unbleached flour. Avoid store-bought mixes and artificial ingredients. Whenever possible, opt for all-natural, fresh ingredients bought locally. Your baked goods will taste better and be more nutritious.

2. Buy top-grade cannabis.

Just as with the other ingredients in your baked goods, quality counts. Moreover, baked cannabis has a long-lasting effect. While smoking poor-quality cannabis may just give you a less-than-perfect couple of hours, eating it may impact your entire day. Avoid buying cannabis from unknown merchants or street dealers. Instead, shop at reputable markets like Euflora in Downtown Denver where you compare the quality and pricing of multiple cannabis varieties.

3. Learn the fundamentals of baking.

You don’t need to be a world-class baker to make mouthwatering baked goods. It’s easy to learn the basic dos and don’ts of baking, and the knowledge will improve your baked goods beyond recognition. Learn the difference between folding and beating. Understand how to properly measure brown sugar and flour. Master common tasks such as chopping and kneading. You’ll enjoy the process more if you know what you’re doing, and your baked cannabis treats will finally achieve that melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

4. Watch what you’re doing.

Baking with cannabis takes discipline and precision. Never ignore a simmering pot of butter or walk away from a batch of brownies. A few minutes inattention can result in overcooked or burnt goods. At best, the flavor will be compromised; at worst, you’ll need to throw the whole batch out, wasting time, effort and money. Go slowly, follow instructions, and be mindful throughout the entire baking process.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Cannabis comes in many strains and varieties. Get to know your options and experiment with different flavor combinations. Some strains work well in flaky French pastries, while others are ideal for gooey brownies or fruit bars. Exploring the wonderful range of cannabis varieties adds a whole new level of enjoyment to your baking experience.

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