Benefits Offered by CBD Cream for Pain Relief

We see commercials every day for different kinds of skin cream or lotion.  Most brands of lotion claim they are the best.  A new ingredient has been introduced into the lotion or topical business with the legalization of cannabis.  This element is CBD, which is also called cannabidiol.  CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that can be used for a wide range of different medicinal purposes.  There are a different number methods of ingestion for CBD, meaning there is a wide range of products that contain CBD to provide pain relief.  However, CBD cream is a product that is very popular with consumers. You can buy CBD products online on websites such as

CBD Cream Defined

CBD cream is a type of topical or lotion infused with CBD in a concentrated form.  Typically CBD concentrate that gets infused in a product is extracted via CO2.  It has been found that a CO2 extraction is one of the purest and cleanest extraction methods.  That also helps to ensure there aren’t any solvent residuals remaining in the final product.  Most CBD creams contain various essential oils that help to enhance these creams’ medicinal uses.  CBD cream, overall, is merely an organic lotion that has been infused with CBD oil.

One of the big questions that surround CBD cream is if causes a real “high” or not.  The answer is no.  CBD cream is a topical, meaning the product isn’t absorbed into your bloodstream.  One of the major factors that made CBD cream so popular is that the product most likely won’t show up in a drug test.  “My mother uses weed cream,” is a great saying and marketing pitch. However, that is actually what this product is for.  For those wanting the medicinal benefits of cannabis but not get “high” CBD cream is an excellent product.

What Benefits Are Provided By Using CBD Cream?

There are many different medicinal ways to use CBD oil cream.  These range from treating sunburn pain to helping to address severe arthritis, meaning that tons of patients have been supported by CBD cream.  Patients use CBD cream to help them relieve the pain they have in a general area, which means that if someone who has shoulder pain rubs CBD cream into this general area where their pain is will help to relieve it.  The CBD contained in the topical mixes with the CB2 receptors that are in your skin.  However, it doesn’t reach all the way to your bloodstream.  That is why it doesn’t provide full-body pain relief.

The ability for focusing the medicinal qualities of the CBD cream into the area has provided patients with the ability to just focus on the joint pain.  When CBD cream is rubbed on joints, it acts as an anti-inflammatory for providing chronic pain relief.  That helps with soothing any pain in the joints and offers better mobility as well.  That is why patients who suffer from severe arthritis use CBD cream.

CBD cream is used as well for many different kinds of skin ailments.  The cream has been found to relieve symptoms from skin infections, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, and burns.  For these ailments, CBD is an excellent natural alternative.  Essential oils are contained in most CBD creams, which means these products offer medicinal qualities in addition to soothing the skin.  I use CBD cream and have found it works great to treat sunburn.

CBD Skin Care Products By Hempgenix®

There is a number of different CBD Skin Care Creams that are available for sale to consumers.  For example, there are oils, bio-freezes, lotions and also compounds (rubs). Every single product has its purpose. However, they are all quite similar.  It is very important that you try out a couple of different products to determine which product is the most effective for you.  Every person will react to every product differently.  The following list contains some of the best CBD creams that are available in the marketplace.

CBD Healing Pain Rub

This is an excellent product, which means that it provides the area where it is applied with a slight numbing sensation.  It is a high effect product for any joint or muscle pains.  It includes a combination of botanical ingredients, terpenes, and cannabinoids that give the product all of its excellent medicinal benefits.

CBD Healing Rub With Emu Oil

This healing rub is an excellent CBD cream and has been proven over and over again that it works.  The product is a mixture of proprietary ingredients and hemp-derived CBD.  It is an excellent product to help relieve generalized pain or burns.  The added anti inflammatory properties of Emu oil combined with CBD properties makes this a leader. It is one of the strongest product that is offered in the marketplace.

CBD Freeze™

This product is an excellent CBD topical and is a trademark by Hempgenix®. It provides the patient with excellent numbing pain relief and acts as a bio-freeze.  It is a very strong product, so you only need to use a little of it to go a very long way.  It is a fantastic product that provides relief for any back or shoulder pain.  By giving a numbing sensation to the generalized area, it results in increased mobility and decreases in swelling.  CBD Freeze™ combines natural plant extracts with CBD to give a very soothing sensation to the user.

CBD cream is a beneficial and efficient way to use cannabis.  The product is used for some different ailments and serves the needs of various types of patients.  These CBD products work very well for anyone who suffers from extreme joint pain, skin diseases or chronic pain. Hempgenix offers the most extensive and was the first pioneer in full functional CBD Skin Care. With Scientifically proven ingredients including Matrixyl 3000, PhytoCellTec™ and argireline along with CBD.

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