Best Ways to Travel with Cannabis

Traveling with weed can be nerve-wracking. You never know if the TSA will pounce on you or if your pot is too smelly. Legal requirements on weed components, i.e., CBD and THC, vary with each state. So, you’re never sure whether you’re wrong or right carrying cannabis.

Before thinking of traveling with cannabis, check intrastate and interstate law requirements, to avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.

With the many techniques of moving with weed, there is a way that suits you. However, not all methods are efficient. Read on to find the best ways of traveling with cannabis. 

Check the Amount You Are Carrying

When you’re traveling, you might get tempted to carry too much cannabis. Meaning it will trouble you when moving or fitting it in smell proof bags. In case you encounter, security agents, they might misconstrue for an illegal supplier of cannabis. Managing the smell of vast amounts of marijuana is difficult, and large bhang portions will make your journey distasteful.

Stack Sachets of Activated Charcoal in Your Bag  

Activated charcoal is famous for eliminating bad odors from homes. It can help you reduce the odors of cannabis from your bag. Buy the activated charcoal in the form of granules and pack it in sachets. Stacking the packs in your luggage will absorb odor making your journey smoother than ever expected.

Change the Form of Your Marijuana

Marijuana left in its original chunks form is highly smelly and hard to transport. Instead of stressing over transportation, you can change it to less suspicious types. You can convert it into marijuana oil, which is easy to carry. Or switch it to marijuana cigarettes which are lighter and more convenient to carry.

Use Smell Proof Bags

If you want a smooth traveling experience, with cannabis securely packed, buy a smell proof bag straight away. As its name shows, you’ll have your cannabis well sealed, free from contamination and odor.

The smell-proof feature of the bags prevents the exit of smell from your package. Most of the smell-proof-bags come with interiors that are charcoal activated to enhance absorption of all odor.

With perfect sizes and an array of styles, the bags look more like a fashion accessory making it hard for anyone to notice you’re carrying marijuana. The designs vary from fanny packs to clutch bags to larger crossbody bags. You can find a collection of these bags on Level 1620.

Get a Medical Marijuana Card

If you’re unwell, you can contact your physician for a medical marijuana card. With the marijuana card, you will carry recommended portions of marijuana with no worry.

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