Blue Diamond by Glo Extracts Product Review

The Blue Diamond cartridge by Glo Extracts is one of the best things to ever happen to the cannabis industry.  If you are looking for something that tastes natural with a natural high, then Blue Diamond from Glo Extracts is what you should look into.  I love everything about this cartridge, all of the elements come together to create a magical experience.  The combination of the smell, taste, and high just makes you want to keep getting it over and over again.  It all starts with the package, and Glo Extracts really does have some of the best packagings around.

The packaging is the first thing you notice and it really just pops out.  The gold and black packaging with that big gold seal on it makes it recognizable from a distance.  Not only does it have those features but you can’t miss the QR code on it either.  When you can scan the QR code, it becomes information central. 

After scanning the QR code, you can literally see lab results for your cartridge.  It’s one of the coolest things that I have ever seen in the cannabis industry.  Once you’re on the Glo Extracts website, you really are locked in and you can see everything that has to do with their products and the vast selection that they have to choose from.

Perhaps the coolest feature from Glo Extracts is the mood boards that come for every cartridge that you can choose from.  Glo Extracts has taken the time to gather bar graphs that show you the effects that the specific cartridge is going to have on you.  This is the best idea ever.  For the consumers, you can literally see exactly how it will make you feel before you make your purchase.  Maybe there is one that you are considering but you change your mind because there is another one that has the effects that you want.  This is just such a great idea. 

The next thing that I want to talk about is the taste from this cartridge.  You really are not sure how to describe the taste because its that perfect in-between of not too much of something but not completely nothing.  The taste is natural and it is something that you do not think about too much. 

To me, having a taste that you do not have to think about is always a good thing when it comes to cartridges.  It does not distract you from the effects that you are feeling.  This way you are able to focus on the high itself.

The next thing that you notice is the high that God’s gift gives you.  I have to say if you are looking for a relaxing cartridge that will put you on the ground, then God’s Gift from Glo Extracts is the perfect fit.  It’s simply just an easy balanced cartridge.  You are not overwhelmed by any specific part of it and it just makes you feel right.  The high is gradual and you can definitely tell when it is changing. 

It’s really a great thing to see Glo Extracts putting in work to show their customers exactly what they are getting before they even purchase the product.  The mood boards and the lab results are all part of what makes Glo Extracts boast the best products on the market.  The industry can use all kinds of safety standards and Glo Extracts is doing that for people.

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