Buyers Guide to Cannabis Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

It’s difficult to find unbiased information about cannabis Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. How do you know which options to choose and which features are important? Unlike most other industries, there are limited choices for cannabis retail POS software and hardware because of reporting and compliance requirements. In this guide we take a look at the most popular providers, which features to consider, and what you can expect to pay.

Tips for Choosing a Cannabis POS system

To find the ideal POS, retailers should first consider compliance, integrations, and support:

  • Compliance: Colorado dispensaries and delivery services require a POS system that integrates with Metrc. In addition, medical dispensaries will need a system that is HIPPA and MED compliant.
  • Integrations: Decide which integrations are most important (weedmaps, ecommerce software, delivery apps, etc) and use this to select a POS system that partners with your preferred companies.
  • Support: Investigate support features like offline mode, cloud storage, and the hours and types of technical support.
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Next, consider which features are must-haves vs nice-to-haves:

  • Comprehensive seed-to-sale functions are essential for vertically integrated cannabis businesses, but smaller independent retailers might not need as many bells and whistles.
  • Features like digital signage, loyalty programs, and CRM features can help cannabis businesses enhance customer service and increase sales, but these often come with a higher monthly price tag.
  • Get employees input — they are the front-line workers of the POS and their opinions on what is important is worth consideration.

Finally, test the demo completely before committing. The interface should be easy to use, and allow for speedy transactions.

Although an alternative POS system might better your unique needs, the following list of established and compliant providers is a good starting point for your research:


Founded in Colorado in 2015, Flowhub was the first cannabis software company to integrate with Metrc. Flowhub’s POS system sends automatic sales reports for compliance with state regulations. The Flowhub software plan comes with convenient mobile apps for inventory management, customer check-in and real-time reporting.

Retailers can customize which hardware and software options they prefer. Flowhub offers optional integration with Weedmaps, Leafly, Headset, Dutchie, SpringBig, PotGuide and I Heart Jane.

Flowhub’s single-location POS systems start at $499 per month.


According to Greenbits, the platform rings over $4 billion in sales each year, making the company the leader for dispensary transaction volume. Greenbits integrates seamlessly with Metrc and the MED with advanced compliance features, including ID verification, fully compliant labeling, and equivalency based transaction limits.

The software automatically generates reports for sales, taxation, inventory, and state compliance. Greenbits integrates with several e-commerce hubs and online loyalty programs in addition to popular sites like Weedmaps, Leafly, Enlighten and Divvy. Greenbits POS systems start at around $500 per month, and the company offers occasional free hardware promotions.


The recipient of several awards, Cova caters to cannabis retailers in all legal U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Cova takes pride in the system’s ability to speed up the sales process with an average transaction time of around 1.4 seconds. The company has also been acknowledged for its outstanding customer service and tech support.

Cova’s compliance software integrates with Metrc and Biotrack seed-to-sale systems. Advanced compliance features include one-click reports, automatic alerts for purchase limits, controls for business hours, and a built-in scanner for age verification. Cova partners with Leafly, Shopify, Weedmaps, Onfleet, Headset, and several other organizations.

Cova’s POS systems start at $349 for single locations with one workstation.


Posabit boasts that its POS platform was the first complete software system for online cannabis stores. In addition to integrated payments, Posabit’s POS features loyalty programs, web menus and online ordering functions. Posabit has garnered positive reviews for its comprehensive staff training and fast, reliable tech support.

One of Posabit’s more unique features is a fully-compliant debit payment system, reducing the amount of cash a dispensary needs to manage and increasing safety for budtenders.

Dispensary owners can schedule a demo and receive a customized price quote through Posabit’s website.

Indica Online

IndicaOnline offers comprehensive, all-in-one POS systems for dispensaries and cannabis delivery services. The Apple TV app provides a convenient way for dispensaries to display menus, special offers and customer waiting lists.

The system features compliance functions for both Metrc and MED with automated reports. IndicaOnline’s POS includes seamless integration with e-commerce sites and advanced marketing tools that allow cannabis businesses to send newsletters to their email lists.

The workstation hardware enhances the sales experience with a sleek, modern design, and the transaction software’s intuitive and user-friendly interface facilitates efficient customer service. IndicaOnline’s delivery software features advanced functions such as multi-stop route mapping and driver-proximity maps.

IndicaOnline’s basic POS service costs $249 per month. The Elite package, which costs $429, accommodates up to 25 staff accounts and includes delivery and digital menu features.

Conclusion: Choosing a POS system can seem overwhelming, but shop owners can make the process easier by taking advantage of free demos, researching key features most important to your business, and preparing a list of questions to ask representatives before scheduling a sales call.

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