Buying Good Weed – Simple Guidelines For Assessing The Quality Of Cannabis

Buying weed can be intimidating, particularly if you are just a beginner. It is much different from grocery shopping, where you simply check the labels and dates before putting the product in your cart. Shopping the flower can be the toughest because you will need a discerning eye to judge its quality. Even seasoned users can go wrong, so it always makes sense to stick with the sellers you trust, whether you buy online or from a dispensary. Additionally, there are a few factors that you can bear in mind while assessing the quality of the flower. Let us make things simple by listing these factors for you.

Check the color

Green is the color that represents quality cannabis buds.  There isn’t an exact shade you can define, as it may range from lighter, frosty shades to darker ones. There could be undertones ranging from purple to rosy. Ideally, the bud should appear to come from a healthy plant. If the color is rusty red, brown, or yellow, it is best to steer clear of the flower. The color indicates the growing conditions, and one that isn’t good enough in appearance is probably not good for your health too.

Pay attention to the fragrance

It is equally important to pay attention to the aroma of the weed because quality cannabis buds are easy to identify based on this criterion. They should have a pungent, identifiable smell, although it may vary from sweet to earthy to diesel-like. The aroma represents the terpene content of the herb. It is something you will learn with time, so keep your senses active and learn to assess the smell of the products. 

Stick to tested products from trusted buyers

When it comes to buying good weed, there isn’t a substitute for picking tested products from trusted buyers. It becomes all the more important to get information about the product and seller if you are shopping online rather than picking stuff from a dispensary. Buying from a website means that you wouldn’t be able to inspect the herb physically. It makes sense to go the extra mile with the verification of the credibility of the site and its offerings. Going through the testimonials of real buyers is a good idea.

Know the basics of strains, THC, and CBD

While the quality of the flower matters, everything boils down to picking a strain that is just right for your needs. It is vital to understand the basics of strains, THC, and CBD to pick the right products with the right quality. For someone looking to get high, a product high in THC represents good quality because it will give you the results you want. Conversely, you may want a CBD-rich strain for more subtle effects. Quality, therefore, becomes a subjective thing when it comes to the suitability of the product for your need.

Whether you plan to use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, quality is something you shouldn’t compromise with. Opt for a seller you can trust and seek tested products that are sourced from credible cultivators.

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