Cannabis Concentrates vs. Flowers

Nowadays, more and more recreational users, patients, and legislators are weighing between cannabis concentrates or cannabis flowers. Comparing and contrasting flowers vs. concentrates really involves two major things: personal preference and taste. Concentrates are preferred as the new and easy way to use cannabis compared to flowers. However, cannabis flowers can still offer lots of benefits, plus it is a classic way to consume cannabis that some people prefer a little bit more.

Both patients and recreational users prefer vaping to smoking for various reasons. Patients favor vaping because it offers them the needed medical dose in the quickest and easiest way. Similarly, recreational users prefer vaping discreetly to save their lungs from inhaling harmful plant matter.

With flowers, you can vaporize it, roll it, and smoke it, unlike concentrates which offer more options such as dabbing, ingestible oils, tinctures, as well as hash and oils. Dabbing is a great way to get more potent cannabinoids. However, the equipment demands and learning curves of dabbing are not preferable for new users.

Ingestible oils are much like edibles in that they last much longer and take effect slowly because of the way they are metabolized. These extracts or oils can be high in CBD, THC, or both. Therefore, these capsules are great if you are interested in smoke-free methods, especially for treating medical conditions and symptoms.

Tinctures (sublingual concentrate) are often less potent but act faster than ingestible oils and edibles. They are administered by dropping them under the tongue where they are absorbed into the blood stream. Hash and oils are administered the same way as flowers. You can even roll hash and oils in your bud-packed joints.

Concentrates are preferable for the more experienced cannabis users or for people treating illnesses like cancer because of the strength of the medication for treating very serious conditions. Many patients use concentrates like tinctures and oils for their severe ailments since they are much easier to take than using a wax or a shatter. Concentrates are more potent than flowers, with their THC potency ranging from 50-80 percent compared to 10-15 percent THC content of flowers.

Concentrates are more recommended for ailments because they give patients only what they need. Apart from the medical benefits of concentrates for patients, trying concentrates is also beneficial for healthy recreational users who usually smoke flowers. If you are vaping, you can avoid inhaling harmful plant matter like residual solvents, contaminants, and pesticides. Vaping is also a great way to keep lungs clear and prevent the effects of traditional smoking because users are only combusting CBD or THC.

Though many consumers seek concentrates due to their high potency or discretion, cannabis users seek new flavors and experiences, most notably in recreational markets. Flowers have more terpenes and flavor compared to concentrates which lose their flavors and aromas during the extraction process. On the other hand, well-made concentrates have concentrated flavors instead of the usual taste of burning plant material. A well-done concentrate will give the pure flavor of terpenes in that strain. The result is a tasting experience like no other! At times, flowers may have an amazing smell but may not taste all that great.

Most people are interested in concentrates that have compatibility with their favorite consumption method, rather than the extract’s consistency. Most concentrates are extracted using hydrocarbons, water, alcohol, propane, CO2, and heat. Extracts made without solvents are an excellent choice for you if you are worried about the effects of consuming solvents.

Concentrates are usually stripped out their plant material isolating the compounds you want like CBD and THC. Smoking flowers can take a toll on your lungs because you are inhaling the plant materials that usually leave your bong black with tar. To avoid this, it is recommended to use vaporizers which heat cannabis to extract beneficial compounds only.

If you tend to prefer ingesting or vaping concentrates, you can eliminate many of the health problems caused by smoking as well as some of the stigma associated with using cannabis. But, this does not mean you should totally avoid flowers. There is nothing more fun than rolling up some stinky, sticky flower and sharing it with friends. All you have to do is to research on the source material, extraction methods and grow methodology. At the end of the day, it really is simply a personal preference!

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