Cannabis Edibles- Shopping Advice That A First-Timer Can Trust

Cannabis edibles offer delightful experiences, with a warm, slow, and sustainable high that you may never get with vaping or tinctures. It comes as no surprise that more users are switching to snacks and drinks once considered a novelty. Yet, you may have some apprehensions when you buy and try them the first time. What is the right product and dose? Will it yield the high you expect? How soon can you get the kick, and how long will it stay? What about repeat dosage? The question list seems to be never-ending for a newbie, and guidance can be valuable. Here is some helpful shopping advice you can rely on as a first-time buyer.  

Know the facts

If you are a regular cannabis user, switching to edibles will be a tad easier because you will already have a fair idea of strains and composition. Conversely, newbies should dive only after understanding some facts. It will be easy to read labels and ingredients if you know your cannabinoids and terpenes well enough. THC is the cannabinoid that gets you high, while CBD does not because it isn’t psychoactive. You should also have clear expectations about the edible experience because it will probably be completely different from the other methods.

Buy only from a reputed dispensary

A must-follow piece of advice for first-time buyers is to shop only from a reputed dispensary you can trust for selling quality products. It applies to all forms of cannabis, including edibles. Look for nearby sellers online and read reviews to find a reliable seller. Explore the exclusive menu of edibles at if you want to find a seller that offers online delivery and curbside pickup. It is vital to opt for such sellers these days when outings are discouraged and staying home is the best way to be safe. Moreover, the dispensary should deal with renowned brands and sell edibles of different types so that you can explore everything you want.

Understand dosing

Before you buy and try cannabis edibles, it is vital to understand dosing facts too. You may have to do a bit of math for calculating the dosage per serving, but it will be helpful to ensure that you have an optimal start. For example, if a chocolate bar WITH 10 pieces has 50 mg THC, a single piece will have 5 mg of the cannabinoid. Microdosing is the key for beginners, and a dose of 1-5 mg will be apt. You can increase gradually and reach over 10 mg as you use edibles more regularly and know how they work for you. Consider waiting for the effect to set in because edibles act slowly. Taking a second dose early isn’t the best thing to do because you may end up overdosing.

Even as buying cannabis edibles for the first time may sound daunting, it is easier than you imagine. Just follow these words of wisdom, and you are all set to pick the most delicious goodies like chocolates, candies, gummies, cookies, and brownies from the dispensary menu.

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