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Cannabis For Better Sleep- How To Make It Work

Sleep disorders are more common than you think. Millions of Americans struggle to get enough sleep, regardless of age, gender, and financial and social status. The pandemic has made things even worse as stress and worries are keeping people awake. Pills aren’t the best remedies because they can do more harm than good in the long run. You can try therapies like meditation, aromatherapy, and hypnosis, but they may or may not work.

A natural sleeping aid is your best bet if you want a therapeutic alternative that works without side effects. Thankfully, cannabis has you covered on all fronts. It is safe and effective, and you need not stress about side effects even with prolonged use. But you need to understand the basics and implement them to make the remedy work. Let us explain them in detail.

Understand the science of CBD and THC

Before using cannabis for better rest, you must understand the science of CBD and THC. These are the dominant cannabinoids in cannabis, and each affects sleep patterns differently. Studies validate that CBD increases alertness and wakefulness, while THC has sedating effects. It makes sense to opt for the latter if you want to address insomnia. While THC-high products will be helpful, you cannot go too high with dosing. It can lead to anxiety and have counterintuitive effects. Unless you know these facts, you will end up picking a random product that will probably not deliver results.

Pick the right strain

Once you understand the science of CBD and THC, you are all set to go ahead with this therapy. Remember that some strains work better than others when using marijuana for insomnia and other sleep disorders. You can research them online or seek recommendations from a seasoned user or budtender. Indica strains are soothing and relaxing, and sativa strains make you energetic. Indica is a better choice, though you can try a hybrid for a mellow effect. Your knowledge about cannabinoids will also help you pick the best option.

The consumption method makes a difference

If you are serious about embracing cannabis for better sleep, the apt consumption method also makes a difference. Vaping is better than smoking as it does not irritate your lungs and offers super-quick results. Sublingual tinctures also work fast as THC reaches your bloodstream rapidly. But edibles have emerged as a preferred method recently as they provide slow and sustainable results. Try an edible for a restful night because its effects last much longer than vapes and tinctures.

Stick with an ideal dosage

Perhaps the most significant aspect of using cannabis for insomnia is the right dosage. Since you will use a THC-dominant product, you have to be extra careful. Start low and slow and gradually titrate the dose according to your tolerance levels. You will have to experiment with dosing because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all dosing chart for users. Smokers and vapers can begin with just a few puffs. A few drops of tinctures will suffice, while consumers have to be even more conscious of edibles. It is best to avoid re-dosing in the middle of the night. Find the amount that works for you, and stick with it.

Choose the right timing

Timing is crucial when it comes to trying cannabis as a sleeping aid. Ideally, you must plan a session close to bedtime though the method of consumption decides how early is too early. Things are pretty straightforward if you choose to vape or use a sublingual tincture.  They can act fast, and you will be ready for a nap before an hour. But you will have to take a hit-and-trial approach with edibles. They may hit in an hour or take much longer, depending on your tolerance. It is tempting to take a second serving, but you may get too high and even feel groggy in the morning. A few sessions are enough to pick the perfect timing.

Cannabis can help you deal with insomnia naturally, provided you are careful about choosing the right strain, product, dosage, and timing. While there isn’t a proven formula that works for everyone, these tips can certainly show you the way. Get started, and restful nights will make life much easier.



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