Cannabis-Infused Sex Products

sexDuring the last year or so, it seems as if the marijuana industry has outdone itself with new products. There is every kind of edible you can think of for every taste: Hot cocoa for Breck skiers, protein powder for gym goers, and cannabis kombucha for those who want to be healthy. Many people who are new to the cannabis scene are looking for a variety of infused products, and they have plenty to choose from.

The industry is progressing by the day, and as a result, more sophisticated products are hitting the market. But the use of cannabis as an aphrodisiac is nothing new. Carl Sagan even said that marijuana can enhance sex and make it more enjoyable!

One type of product that has become a rapidly-growing niche is cannabis-infused sex products. It may sound strange or even risqué, but these products are actually used by any consumers (especially women) and they are only getting more popular. Whether you want a personal lubricant or a pill to spice up your sex life, you’ll find it all at your dispensary and online!

Aphrodisiac pills

Cannabis-infused sex in a pill? If that’s your thing, The Colorado Cannabis Co. has got you covered! Their Aphrodisiac Wonderland Capsules, made with active cannabis and natural herbs such as maca maca, are supposed to help boost your sex drive while creating a clear mind. Each dose contains 10mg of cannabis. I saw these at a dispensary in Denver and was immediately interested. The budtender told me that he preferred the Aphrodisiac pills over his morning coffee. That was when I thought they had to be too good to be true, since there is nothing better than morning coffee. And so I bought some.

These pills were the only product that I tried myself. They did not make me feel frisky. I’ll admit, they gave me a nice clear-headed feeling – but only after I took a pill and had a 2-hour nap! So all in all, I more than likely wasted my money on the Aphrodisiac Wonderlands. (They were about $19 without tax for 16 capsules.) Would I recommend them? No, especially because the name is very misleading.

Massage oils

There are a ton of cannabis-infused massage oils on the market today. These oils contain cannabinoids that relieve pain and inflammation. While they are not sexual products per say, they can be an interesting addition to a romantic evening with your partner. (If they are a massage therapist by chance, even better!)

In addition to relaxing the body, cannabis-infused massage oils are beneficial for people with conditions like neuralgia. If you have your massage therapist use a product like this, it will allow them to work on your muscles more deeply, and the recovery time will be lessened. These oils also make the effects of your massage last longer. There are even some professional establishments in Denver that offer cannabis-infused massages.


From what I gathered online, cannabis-infused personal lubricants are all the rage. This is the type of product that I would be least likely to try, simply because well, it’s sort of weird. So how do these lubricants work? Well, for one, these products do not give you a head or body high. Plus, apparently these lubricants do nothing for men if they use it. But the cannabinoids are supposed to penetrate the woman’s lady parts. Umm, okay.

The most popular cannabis-infused lubricant appears to be Foria. Female reviewers of the product claimed it heightened sensitivity and provides a warm, relaxed feeling. Others found it to be just like an ordinary lubricant that did nothing special. Foria specifies that you should allow up to a half hour or more for the product to fully take effect. This product is rather expensive and comes in a dainty box that looks like perfume or something.

Aphrodisiac strains

Not surprisingly, there are specific strains of marijuana that are supposed to provide aphrodisiac effects. One such strain called “Mr. Nice” is an indica strain that is supposedly like herbal Viagra for women. The strain was actually developed by a woman who wanted to increase her sexual pleasure. Another strain, called Sexxpot, is a low-THC strain that is derived from Mr. Nice. Sold as “aphrodisiac weed” for women, Sexxpot is supposed to heighten female sensitivity and lengthen the duration of orgasms. Since I have never seen this strain in any dispensary in Denver, I’ll take their word for it!

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