Cannabis Oil Dosage – Recommendations That Every User Must Follow

As cannabis becomes legal, the range of products available for the users to try is all the more extensive. Apart from the conventional method of smoking, there is much you can explore, from vapes to edibles and even topical products. Cannabis oil, however, surpasses all other modes of delivery in terms of popularity.

These products deliver a potent dose of cannabinoids and give you just the kind of experience you expect, provided that you choose the right potency of THC and CBD. Additionally, they are pure and versatile as you can use the oil for sub-lingual consumption, mix it in an edible or use it for topical application. Even as cannabis oil is effective and safe, everything boils down to the right dosage. Here are some recommendations that can help.

Understand the composition

Even before you think about the CBD dosage, you need to understand the composition of the oil you choose. Check the packaging to find the percentage of THC and CBD content in the product. It will give you a fair idea about how potent and psychoactive the product is and the kind of experience you can expect. Not all cannabis oils are created equal- the ones having more THC are ideal for getting high while those rich in CBD have a more subtle effect.

Start low and slow

Cannabis oils are slow-acting, but you can expect the results to be long-lasting. It is, therefore, recommended to start low and go slow with them. You can expect incredible results with high voltage extracts as they are a concentrated version of flowers. You need to be extra careful if using oil for sublingual consumption. It acts quicker, which is the reason to practice dosage control with this method of delivery.

Practice restraint

Using cannabis oil under the tongue requires you to hold it there for a minute so that it can sink in. Although results may set in quickly for some, they take a couple of hours for average users. Once the potent compounds reach your bloodstream, they will stay in action for as long as six hours. Since the initial onset with sublingual cannabis oil is longer than smoking or vaping, you need to practice restraint with subsequent dosing. Ideally, you should wait for at least four hours before taking a second dose.

Get advice from an expert

For CBD-rich oil, the standard dose starts at 10 mg though you can consider micro-dosing at 2.5 to 5 mg daily. If you are using it for medicinal purposes, it is best to seek advice from your doctor. A higher dose may be needed for more severe conditions, and a cannabis specialist can give you the right guidance. If using THC-rich oils for recreational purposes start with a low dose, not more than 1-5mg. You can seek guidance from a seasoned user, but make sure that you increase the amounts only in small increments.  

Dosing cannabis oil may sound a bit complicated, but some patience and experience will help you learn quickly. Following the rule of low and slow always makes sense, particularly when you are just starting.

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