CBD Oil vs Standard Weight Loss Strategies

So, wait. Cannabis can make you thinner? It’s true. India Times was the first to expose the fact that cannabis use is associated with lower rates of obesity. This seems like a total contradiction to most. Everyone knows that when you smoke pot you get the notorious ‘munchies’ afterwards. So why are cannabis users still slimmer than the rest of us? Believe it or not, even though pot increases appetite, CBD oil on its own does not. That means that you’re reaping all the relaxing and healing benefits of cannabis without the need for pizza and Doritos.

Think about it: CBD helps heal pain, anxiety, and depression. These are all things that can drive people to eat. Not only that, CBD also imparts a feeling of wellbeing and peace which is absolutely necessary when you’re overhauling your diet. There are also reports coming out that cannabinoids will actually increase your metabolic rate. That means that your body burns more calories naturally, without you having to do a thing. Did you notice that cannabis users have a higher calorie consumption than others, and yet they’re still slim? The metabolic effect is the explanation for this.

using cbd to lose weight

In terms of comparing CBD use and traditional weight loss pills, you need to consider the dangerous and uncomfortable side effects of weight loss supplements. They’re often loaded with caffeine, increasing anxiety, and they can also lead to digestive upset and insomnia. These are all symptoms that CBD counteracts, while still helping you to lose weight. Crazy diets and supplements are not the answer for getting slim. CBD can help you to do the very same thing while working in harmony with your body.

Consider the use of CBD oil for diabetes. It can create lower insulin resistance in the human body, and it also improves fasting insulin, which means that you’re less likely to gain weight and you decrease your risk of developing Type II Diabetes.

University Laval in Quebec, Canada surveyed 786 members of the Inuit community who had high cannabis use. The study published in a scientific journal in 2016 showed that cannabis users had a lower body mass index and lower body fat percentage than non-users.

So, can CBD oil help you to lose weight without all the pesky side effects of traditional dieting? The answer is absolutely yes! Not only does CBD help to heal a whole range of symptoms, but it can also trim down your waistline and increase your overall sense of wellbeing.

So, we discussed blood sugar regulation and increased metabolism, but there’s another great benefit to CBD for weight loss, and that’s appetite suppression. Consider the fact that your body’s system is constantly seeking homeostasis. When one needs more nutrition in their body, then CBD will increase appetite. And the opposite is true as well. When your body has been overfed for a long time, CBD oil will actually suppress your appetite. This is because your body will finally be free to seek out homeostasis again. It works like magic! All this being said, buying pure and safe CBD for diabetes and weight loss is key for achieving success. You don’t want to inhale the damaging smoke, and you also don’t want to waste your money on impure CBD products that aren’t going to deliver the desired therapeutic effects.

If you think you’d like to give CBD oil a try to help with weight loss, just be sure to start with a low dose and gradually increase it to see how it affects you. And of course always buy a high quality product from a reputable dealer like CBD Pure.

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