Colorado Cannabis Group Takes Root at Industry Network

Colorado is the inception point for the entire cannabis industry

The State of Colorado is the birthplace of legal recreational cannabis in the United States and in many cases, Colorado is the model and source of information used by other States to create their own pathway to both medical and recreational cannabis legalization.
Colorado is home to the finest cannabis cultivators, the top legal and regulatory minds in the cannabis industry, die hard cannabis advocates, amazing cannabis dispensaries and dedicated cannabis industry employees and business owners, making it the most successful of the legalized states. Now Colorado has the cannabis group it deserves.
Colorado Cannabis Group

A place for the cannabis industry and a group for Colorado cannabis

The Cannabis Associates Network is a Colorado-Based cannabis industry networking platform and is home to thousands of individuals and businesses associated with the cannabis industry worldwide. The Cannabis Associates Network recently launched a group just for Colorado’s vibrant and respected cannabis industry. It’s called, appropriately enough, the Colorado Cannabis Group and its membership growing fast.
The Colorado Cannabis Group is open to everyone associated with the cannabis industry in the great State of Colorado. Everyone is welcome to join this group including businesses and business owners, employees, job seekers, consultants, advocates, organizations and associations and all those individuals that struggled and invested and took the risks necessary to birth to the cannabis industry in Colorado as we all know it today.

More about the Colorado Cannabis Group

The Colorado Cannabis Group offers all the bells and whistles you might expect. Members can post videos and pictures about their cannabis businesses or the specific products they manufacture or sell and even about any Colorado cannabis event they attend, large and small. Members, both individuals and businesses, can also review and share product information and information about local deals, business opportunities and more. They can also share unlimited blogs, articles, information and news about the Colorado cannabis industry.
Group members can start discussions on any topic related to Colorado cannabis as well as ask questions to other members. All opinions are welcome at the Colorado Cannabis Group. Individuals, businesses and organizations from all Colorado cities are welcome too, from Durango to Denver to Boulder and Ft. Collins all the way to Grand Junction.
If you are a Colorado cannabis business owner, the Cannabis Associates Network has something else to help you grow your business by attracting new customers and clients.

Colorado cannabis business owners can build a business page too

Today, the most popular networking platforms are shutting down the business pages of companies that are ‘related’ to the cannabis industry. Many of the business pages that are being shut down are not cannabis dispensaries and do not sell cannabis either by wholesale, retail or deliver. Some are simply servicing the cannabis industry but are still shut down without any warning and any chance for appeal.
The Cannabis Associates Network proudly allows its members that own or operate cannabis companies to build a free business page that is automatically added to its growing cannabis business directory. The business page allows them to share important articles, blogs, news and announcements about their company as well as the ability to share product photos and videos.

Visitors to any cannabis business page at the Cannabis Associates Network can learn about the company, review its products and services, contact the company, learn its hours of operation and even locate the company location with mapping.

Maybe it’s time to join the cannabis industry’s top network

If you are interested in expanding your network by connecting with others in the cannabis industry and you would like to grow your cannabis business, joining the Cannabis Associates Network and its Colorado Cannabis Group could be just the ticket.

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