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Colorado Weed Basics That Every New User Should Know

When it comes to weed-friendly states in the U.S., Colorado is on the top of the list. It is one of the early adopters in terms of legalization of recreational sales, which goes back to 2014. Still, there are some basic rules and regulations that you need to follow while buying and consuming weed in the state, whether you are a local or a tourist. Being on the right side of the law is always the smartest approach. You can be more confident and enjoy the experience to the fullest. Here is a list of basics that new weed users in Colorado need to know.

You need to be of the legal age

This one is a no brainer as you have to be old enough to buy cannabis, regardless of the location. The legal age for purchasing and possessing cannabis in Colorado is 21 years. As long as you can validate your age with a government issues ID, you can buy it from a dispensary without worrying about flouting the rules. You need not be a resident to buy recreational cannabis, which is good news for tourists. Just find a reputed dispensary around, and you can go ahead and shop your stuff.

There are limits to quantities

Even if you are past the legal age, there are some restrictions related to the quantity of weed you can purchase and possess in Colorado. It is 1 ounce of cannabis for recreational use, while medical patients can possess up to 2 ounces. Both tourists and residents of Colorado can buy 28 grams of weed in a single transaction without erring with the local regulations.

Knowing the rule of equivalency is important

When it comes to buying weed in the state, the rule of equivalency applies. It means that you are permitted to buy an equivalent quantity in different variants. For example, one ounce of bud is equivalent to 8g of concentrate and 800mg of edibles. The next time you step into a rocky mountain dispensary, be prepared for some calculations if you are planning to explore different variants. You can also seek help from a seasoned budtender to nail the equivalent quantity.

Being discreet with consumption keeps you safe

Despite the legalization and liberal regulations regarding the quantities of weed you can buy and possess in the state, you need to be discreet with consumption. Smoking in public is a no-no as you can be apprehended for the indiscretion. Fortunately, there are a lot of 420-friendly places where you can enjoy your high without getting unwanted attention. Colorado has private cannabis clubs and social consumption lounges where you can have a good time with fellow weed-lovers. You can even do it at bars and concerts, but make sure that you are discreet with methods and products. For example, vaping and edibles are good choices to stay safe.

Following rules keeps you on the safe side and stress-free as well. So the next time you want to enjoy the herb in Colorado, just stick to these basics and have fun!




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