Conventment’s Upcoming B2B and IoT Platform has the Potential to Streamline Colorado’s Cannabis Industry

If you haven’t known by now, the legal cannabis industry is exploding and is only going to keep growing as time goes on. Worldwide, the legal cannabis industry is expected to be worth $57 Billion by 2027. That’s a lot of money that’s going to be pouring in. That means that’s quite a few customers that will be pouring in. In order for any business in the industry to survive this continuous burst of growth, they’re going to need to prepare for the future. Thanks to Conventment, their upcoming B2B and IoT Platform called the DLA Center could change the entire infrastructure of the Colorado cannabis industry by strategically shortening a large number of time-consuming operations. For example, communication between businesses in the industry can be extremely sluggish while with the DLA Center, communications are instantaneous and there’s no need for texting or social media.

Conventment’s plan is pretty simple when explained in a much-less technical way. In the legal cannabis industry, Conventment plans to connect every piece of inventory/batch/etc.(with RFID/NFC sensors) to a logistics platform which is utilized by other businesses in the industry. This platform is also a B2B communications platform. The tools that Conventment provides with the DLA Center, the front-end and UI of Conventment’s suite of innovative services, can actually be utilized by other logistics-oriented businesses. It seems that Conventment is attempting to become a standard piece to utilizing Ethereum Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) into a regulated (or unregulated) platform. B2B Contract Bidding, another functionality in the DLA Center, is expected to hit it’s beta phase in a few months. With the current price of the Ethereum cryptocurrency itself being under $500 as of August 2018, Conventment could give new life to the overall Ethereum market.

Since Conventment already has an alpha demo of the DLA Center up and running (accessible by a key), it seems that they’re well on their way to taking over the legal cannabis industry over the next 10 years or so. It’s extremely early to even tell anything about Conventment’s future at this point, but the details say everything. The DLA Center will most likely become one of 2-3 big competitors in the cannabis logistics industry. I guess you could call them the future ‘McDonalds’ in a sense. It also seems that slowly becoming the IIoT standard for the cannabis industry is Conventment’s true secretive goal here which is impressive from a long-term technical standpoint. The massive opportunities detailed in Conventment’s white paper are severely underrated and could spark a revolution in logistics as a whole.

Conventment’s Token Generation Event (TGE) is a chance for people to invest in the future of the legal cannabis industry. By investing in an IIoT platform that also utilizes normal IoT, Ethereum DLT, Python, physical sensors and more, you’re investing in what will most likely become a standard for the future of cannabis-related business operations. The CNVT token, Conventment’s separate Ethereum token, will be utilized in the B2B Contract Bidding functionality in the DLA Center. When The DLA Center officially launches and comes out of it’s beta phase, each CNVT transaction will have a small portion of it “burned” which will actually increase the value of each token. As more tokens are burned and the utility value is increased, the price-per-token will increase. Conventment’s TGE for the CNVT token could truly be the investment of a lifetime based on the number of technologies involved and their importance to the functionality within the DLA Center. The DLA Center itself will essentially, in the long run, assure a streamlined B2B and B2C logistics and next-generation communications platform with little-to-no downtime.

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