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Dabbing Like A Pro – 5 Tricks to Ace the Technique

Cannabis is available in different variants, and concentrates are relatively lesser-known among these. When it comes to trying your hand at a dab, you need to be prepared for a massive hit because concentrates are far more potent than the other forms of cannabis. While your first dabbing experience can be overwhelming, the learning curve isn’t as difficult as it sounds. A little research and guidance can help you ace the technique early, and you can have safe and enjoyable experiences ahead. Here are some tricks from seasoned dabbers to help you dab like a pro.

Manage the intake with small dabs

Even regular smokers and vapers may be surprised by the hard-hitting impact of concentrates, let alone newbies. Concentrates are potent because they are the purest form of cannabis extracted after removing the plant matter from the herb. So you must manage your intake with small dabs, which is all the more important if you are a first-timer. Huge dabs sound exciting, but they can be hard to handle.

Work with lower temperatures 

Another helpful piece of advice to master your dabbing technique early is by working with lower temperatures. You may be tempted to take a hit when the dabbing nail is too hot, just to max the outcome. But the practice can do more harm than good because concentrates combust quickly at high temperatures and lead to unpleasant tastes and a nauseating high. Ensure that you allow sufficient time for the dab nail to cool and reach a reasonable temperature before you dab.

Invest in the right accessories

When it comes to dabbing successfully, you cannot overlook the importance of having the right equipment and accessories. Start with the basics like a dab rig, torch, nail, and dabbing tool. You may consider upgrading to the terp slurper quartz banger for better outcomes. Everything boils down to learning the use of these accessories, and you will get only better with time. You can check videos or seek training from a seasoned dabber to learn initially, and experience will teach the rest.

Clean your tools often

A clean dab rig promises potent hits and healthy dabs. With a clean pipe, you can taste the concentrates without traces of older ones or their residues compromising the experience. It is vital to clean your tools before and after every use. Thankfully, cleaning dab rigs is easy, and you need not do a lot. Hot water will suffice to eliminate mild traces of residue most of the time.

Go the extra mile with concentrated quality

While these tips will have you covered for the technique, you can go the extra mile by choosing the best quality concentrates. Concentrates are available in various forms such as hash, butter, wax, shatter, oil, resin, and rosin. Pick the one that works for you and buy only from a reputed seller. Be extra conscious about the initial doses because less is more with concentrates.

Dabbing can be an excellent switch for cannabis users who have always used other methods of consumption. But the results can be beyond your expectations, so you must be ready to learn and get better with every session.



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