Find Your Perfect Dose of CBD with Droppy App

Dosing CBD is often a tricky thing to do. There are several formulas on the internet that need to be customized to the specific needs of an individual, as well as their age, weight and symptoms. Plus, different product potencies are making it even more difficult for CBD users to set their right dose.

That’s why we at Wikala came to an idea to make an app that will do all of that for you. By entering some basic info about yourself and about the CBD product you’re using, Droppy calculates the dose for you, as well as how many drops you need to take per day to feel the effects.

Besides that basic feature, Droppy has several more: a symptoms-based calendar where you can track your symptoms and a custom alert that lets you set up to 2 reminders per day to take your CBD.

With this app, you can also keep track of your CBD product usage and the improvement of your symptoms with weekly and monthly usage reports. You’ll also get access to trending topics and articles related to the latest CBD research and case studies.

Droppy is a freemium app, but we decided to make most of the features available for free. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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