Get Familiar with the Difference Between the Indica And Sativa Species of Marijuana

Indica and Sativa are two different species of marijuana. Marijuana can make you high and sleepy during the day and if consumed just before going to bed can keep you awake. This can occur when you had no choice, or not enough knowledge to make a choice, between different species of the strain. You just bought a bud and hoped-for the best.

Informed decisions need to be made about the strain to be consumed. Selecting the right kind can make a lot of difference; when trying to relax, enhance your appetite, get inspired or fall asleep. Understanding the difference between Sativa and Indica is very important.

Difference Between Sativa and Indica:


Both Indica and Sativa are Latin words.

  • Indica means the plant originated from India or Central Asia or the Indian subcontinent. Strains have been brought to the US from Afghanistan and are best grown in a cool climate.
  • Sativa means “cultivated” in Latin. Its origin is equatorial countries and this strain thrives in warm and tropical climates.

Physical Appearance.

Leaves of Indica are fuller, broader and a little darker green in color than Sativa. The plant is wide and short and grows to between 2 and 4 feet in height. It is best for growing indoors.

The plant’s height is balanced by thick, heavy buds and dense clusters. Branches grow very close together and more buds are produced than Sativa. Due to its high density the THC ratio is high. The fragrance is also appealing. The Indica crop is generally cultivated in mountains and rough weather conditions.

The leaves of Sativa are skinnier and light green colored. The plant is skinny and tall with branches growing far apart from one another. Height can be a maximum of 21 to 25 feet but on average most of them are just 6 feet. Height is gained in the flowering period.

On drying the weight of Indica is more than Sativa because of its high density. Sativa is less fragrant, so on drying has a lower THC: weight ratio.


Usually Indica is ready to be harvested after 6 to 8 weeks. As the time taken is less than Sativa the plants are smaller, however, the buds yielded are high in THC.

Sativa plants take 9 to 12 weeks to grow and be ready for harvesting. Indoor growing is less common due to the height of the plants.

Feelings  on Usage.

Optimal experiences comes from optimal usage. Indica creates a more lethargic and sluggish body high. Users will feel heaviness in their body, so they want to sit and relax. Therefore, Indica needs to be consumed at night to enjoy optimal results. Indica boosts creativity but reduces the attention span because users feel sedated even if the dosages are low.

Alternatively Sativa offers an energetic head high best for day use. Users feel light and this high feeling encourages them to take action and get creative. Small doses make users feel extra alert so it is the best option for a social high, making it easy to sustain thoughts, take action and converse.

Benefits and Effects.

Usually Indica’s effect is referred to as a ‘body high’. It means the effect is felt all through the body instead of just the head. Senses like touch, smell and sound get enhanced even if users get extremely drowsy. Indica relieves the body from aches, migraines, anxiety and spasms. It is the best sleep aid for users fighting depression. You can read about the an indica dominant strain, such as the purple kush weed strain here.

Sativa is defined as a ‘head high’. Users feel serenity and well-being. It uplifts the thoughts and energy levels. Happiness and hunger is stimulated, creativity is enhanced, imagination is boosted and focus gets escalated with Sativa. Therefore, Sativa is recommended for use during the day.

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