Getting Started with Vaping

Vaping has taken the world by storm in recent years. Although electronically powered devices for smoking tobacco and other herbs are not at all new inventions, it is only the delayed awareness that owes to the recent boom.

The internet is full of vaping guides, devices, and supporters, but there’s very little about how these advanced devices should be used for a better experience. Nevertheless, you’ve come to just the right piece of content to clear all your cloudy thoughts and help you vape your herbs better.

What is vaping, though?

For those of you, who are new to the vaping term, it is simply the phenomena of breathing gaseous vapors from a substance, preferably extracts and herbs. The essentials for vaping include a complete kit with the vaporizer (portable or desktop), battery or power cable, heating elements for producing vapors, and a mouthpiece to draw the vapors.

Notably, the market has a plethora of options on display for the type of device, and consequent experience, that a buyer can expect. For instance, vaping enthusiasts must be familiar with and their dry-herb vaporizer, FireFly 2+.  But, what about you? You’re new to vaping, right? Therefore, it becomes imperative to learn a few terms and hacks, especially for newcomers (like you), to get started with the journey to the exclusive world of vaping.

How can I start vaping for the first time?

The first-hand experience with vaping is crucial as it will decide the inclination of the vaper. For instance, for someone who hasn’t vaped ever, starting with the highest temperature setting can destroy the flavors and give a burnt taste. Of course, he/she won’t likely be returning to vaping after having such an experience.

There are a few checks to ensure before starting to vape for the first time.

  • Consider the technology

The very first thing that you should be checking is the type of vaping technology you wish to acquire. For instance, there are convection and radiation type vaping kits that are good for dry herbs and thick waxes, whereas, the conduction type is more suitable for concentrates and e-juices.

  • Portable or stationary

Once, you’ve decided what technology you wish to be vaping with, the next thing is to decide how and where you’d like to enjoy your sessions. The vaporizers are primarily either portable, which are great for anytime-anywhere vaping sessions, or desktop, which can offer stronger hits, but within a bound area.

  • Size of the filling

Another thing to ensure is the size of filling your vaporizer can hold. Larger bowl size or carts can obviously, last longer. On the other hand, a smaller bowl size would require you to refill after a few drags only. Although some experts opine that the filling size can affect the flavors as well, it is not exactly the case. The size of the filling has very little impact on the overall vaping quality.

  • Additional features

There are a few add ons that you can avail within the limited budget that you’ve already decided. For instance, the temperature settings, type of heating elements, method of the draw, and so on. These additional features can improve your experience significantly.

Are there any tips to draw maximum satisfaction?

Regardless of the precautions and checks that you may take care of, the way you draw vapes largely influences the effects it has on you. Simply put, your drawing technique can either improve or degrade your vaping experience.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your purchase.

  • Draw-Hold-Inhale

Make it a rule of thumb, draw-hold-inhale. Since vaping is not at all same as smoking, the way the human body absorbs potent compounds from the vapors vs smoke is also different. In leading research, neurologists and medical personnel found surprising results- mucous glands in the mouth absorb the active compounds in vapors more efficiently. So, the next time you vape from your ultra-modern device, make sure that you draw the vapor and hold it in the mouth before taking it to the lungs, for pleasing results.

  • Drag Slowly

Fast and forceful drawing is a common mistake that even the seasoned vaping enthusiasts commit unknowingly. Unlike cigarettes, vaping kits operate at a constant temperature (unless they are featured with active draw mods). So, no matter how hard or forcefully you draw, the compounds will be heated at the same temperature. However, doing so only lowers the active compounds drawn out of your herbs, leaving soot and wastage behind. So it is best to drag slowly to let the compounds heat properly and evenly.

  • Gradually Increase Heat

After a certain number of drags you puff out of your active ingredients, especially dry herbs, it is best to increase the temperature for better cloud production. But, you need to increase the temperature gradually. Increasing or decreasing it abruptly can disturb the activated volatile particles, and give away either a burnt taste or incomplete vapor flavor. The best trick is to increase the temperature by one step after every one or two drags you draw.

Vaping enthusiasts are growing rapidly amongst all age groups and communities. And mostly because of vaping deemed as a better alternative to smoking. Since smoking cigarettes can put the lungs through harmful carcinogens, vaping does not include any such ingredient. Thus, reducing the risk of suffering from deadly diseases.

Likewise, vaping can also help quit smoking or even the need to get nicotine hits. However, the latter is possible only through the gradual practice of reducing the potency of ingredients that you prefer to use for your vaping session. Or, you can also switch to other alternatives, altogether, only if you’re comfortable with it.

In the end, the experience that you expect out of your vaping sessions depends solely on the choices you make. The type of vaping mod, the technology, the ingredients you vape, and the way you vape, all of these choices make the total experience. So, it is in your hand to either make your experience or drag it down.

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