Growing Marijuana Buds – 6 Things you Need to Know

As a first-time weed grower, you are likely to become overwhelmed by the dozens of tutorials you will find explaining how to grow weed buds successfully. Unfortunately, not all of these will give you deep information on why you need to follow certain rules.  Just a few will give you additional analysis on the alternatives that you have when growing weed buds. Are you interested in growing the best buds but don’t know the best approach to achieve the objective? Here are some top tips you need to know to grow the best marijuana buds.

  1. Go for Top Genetics

It is possible to ensure that your grow room has the best appearance and attractive looks as you might wish. However, it might not be possible to impact the plant genes once you have grown them in your grow room. For this reason, it is always important that you go for the top genetics. This is the buds that are proven to be potent, dense, sparkly and resistant to diseases. Therefore, always make sure you go for the right genetics from the beginning.

  1. Ensure you have adequate lighting in your Grow Room

To be honest, light is surely the most important part of the growing equation.  Did you know that Lighting will increase yields? For the commercial growers, you get more density and potency from your marijuana buds if you provide lots of light. For the indoor growers, you might be concerned about getting the best LED grow lights for your indoor plants. You can check Top 10 best LED grow lights to find out more about the different LED grow lights available in the market.

  1. Don’t Underfeed Your Buds

Marijuana buds require nutrients and supplements to grow well. These nutrients also have an effect when it comes to smell enhancement and bloom boosting while at the same time helps to ensure you get bulk when it comes to harvest time.

  1. Ensure Adequate Air Flow in your Marijuana Grow Room

It is critical that you have proper air circulation in the grow room. You will be surprised that increasing the airflow actually increases the size and the density of the buds. This is by making sure each of the buds gets direct light and sufficient airflow through the growth and the flowering stages. Therefore, when you are setting up the grow room, ensure that there is an adequate flow of air by providing enough air inlets.

  1. Temperature and Humidity

When your marijuana buds get to the flowering stage, this is the time when they will require that you manipulate the temperature and humidity levels. This will ensure the increase in resin production bringing out colorful buds and preventing the burning away smell that results from overtemperature.

  1. Master the Art of Growing Marijuana Buds

Every day to a marijuana grower is a learning day. Attending regular forums on growing potent buds will help increase your knowledge. Also, don’t ignore the knowledge gotten from the review sites where they discuss the different grow room equipment.

With these tips on growing the best marijuana buds, you are definitely good to get started. These will go a long way in ensuring you achieve great success in marijuana growing.

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