Hempgenix is a CBD company that is a member of the Hemp Industries Association. The company is a brand of CosPro Labs, which is a manufacturing division in Miami, Florida. The company was started when a need was seen for high-quality CBD oils and cosmetics. There is a focus on skincare products, which is unique compared to competitors. The company bills itself as having the largest lines of CBD cosmetics found in the United States.

Some of the products you’ll find at Hempgenix include pure CBD oil, weight loss spray, anti-aging cream, pet shampoo, oral spray, pet spray, pain relief spray, and more. The focus of the product line is to offer a CBD solution to skincare and cosmetics. The products are largely made to help with stress and assist in managing chemotherapy for customers with cancer. The products are capable of alleviating symptoms of many other health problems, as well.

The company provides easy access to their Certificate of Analysis for the CBD Isolate 99% Ethanol, CBD Isolate 99% CO2, and CBD T2 Terepene Special, which ensures the quality of these products are exactly what the company claims. This may be in part due to their large focus on wholesale buyers, although retail buyers are also welcome and supported. Their website includes large amounts of information about CBD and its effectiveness with various health problems.

As you might expect, the products from Hempgenix are nearly 100% organic, with hemp grown industrially in the United States. The company is also committed to further research at such time as the FDA approves taking cannabis off of Schedule 1. The company also have a pending patent for their unique extraction process. The company seems committed to growing with the industry and has a large customer base who are overjoyed with the products they have purchased.

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