Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice and eLiquid Review

Behind all the clouds and mystery there is something endlessly satisfying about finding a vape flavor that feels like it’s always been a part of your life. We looked intensely for that familiarity for this Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice and eliquid review to find out if there is a vaping product that you’re missing out on.

It’s not something that happens with just any e juice but develops after a couple of hours using a new e liquid flavor that really draws in your interest. Typically, we like to vape through a couple of bottles of our standard flavor profile in order to get a better feel for what each product has to offer. That said, it only took a single tankful to convince us that Hot Juice was taking a unique approach to handcrafting their tobacco, menthol, candy, fruit, coffee, cereal, beverage, fruit & nut, and dessert vape juice flavors.

We’ve been part of the vaping industry for a committed time period and we take our flavors seriously, especially since we don’t know what the result of the FDA ruling in 2022 will be. In the wake of San Francisco banning flavors citywide and a handful of other cities poised to do so as well, we’re hanging on to the last bit of what’s available to figure out if we should buy a case ahead of time or just start making our own. Although there is a growing trend of DIY vapers learning how to make their own vape juice, we tend to put our trust in the integrity of brands we trust, which led us to give Hot Juice a try.

Hot Juice Review — Our View of the Best Vape Juice Isn’t Hazy

Finding an online retailer who deals in both traditional nicotine e-juice as well as CBD vape juice is rare. However, not only do these guys have their products dialed in, we browsed their website and found the shopping experience and simplicity to be equally as satisfying. If you’re looking to cut down on your stress through vaping, Hot Juice is most definitely a solid source for all your needs moving forward.

Their bountiful selection of over sixty nicotine vape flavors and twelve of the best CBD e juice blends we’ve tasted ever has finally bridged the gap between for the vaping community and they have taken notice. Our Hot Juice CBD vape juice and eliquid review discovered that they are one of the few, if not only, vape companies putting the same care into every bottle of their fruit, dessert and cereal flavored e-juice regardless of what’s inside. Don’t let the understated label fool you, their affordably cheap e-liquid is about the most flavorful and enjoyable we’ve ever
had the privilege to take a puff of and it had us coming back for more.

In fact, I lost track of time and if it weren’t for my puff counter I would have no idea how much I’d used before I reached the end of the bottle, which, all credit due to their laboratory techs, was blended perfectly and there was no sour nicotine taste at the bottom of the bottle (though we are in the habit of shaking up the contents before filling every tank or RDA juice well). I especially loved the Crispy Churro dessert e juice they sent which had that sweet, doughy cinnamon taste of a fried delicacy right from a street vendor. I honestly couldn’t believe they created such an
authentic flavor and had to check the bottom of the bottle for actual churros.

But my favorite so far was the Dreamberry Waffles flavored CBD e liquid, which tasted like a Belgian breakfast delicacy with fresh whipped cream and blueberries and I had to remember it was packed with 2000mg of CBD otherwise I would have vaped through a whole tank. If it wasn’t for how relaxed and comfortable I felt almost instantly after taking a few puffs, I definitely could have chain-vaped through an entire tank no problem.

Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice and eLiquid Review Conclusion

Having a well of personal experience and context with vaping products over the course of so many years, it’s not easy to just say this is the best this or you’re guaranteed to love this product, but I’ve honestly never been able to make an easier endorsement than everything I tried from Hot Juice. Was I just having a good day? Maybe. But consider that rather than my testing of this e juice wasn’t necessarily on a good day, but I had a great day BECAUSE I was vaping Hot Juice.

I know that’s a lot to think about, but truth be told, the CBD e-juice definitely made my responsibilities a lot easier to manage. Not to mention that they run a weekly vape contest and have ongoing vape giveaway opportunities to win all the free vape stuff you want, just making it easier to get started. When you’re ready to finally give cannabidiol e liquid a legitimate try out to see how it can benefit your everyday life, or you’re just looking for the best tasting e juice you can find anywhere, head to Hot Juice for a taste of the future of vaping.

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