How do Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

In recent times it has been discovered that inhalation of cannabis via a vaporizer is a safer method as it is far less harmful to your lungs when compared to smoking.

A vaporizer commonly called vape is a device that is used to vaporize substances for inhalation. A dry herb vaporizer is a device that is used designed to heat herbs to a particular temperature but doesn’t burn them, producing vapor which is inhaled. Using a vaporizer you get only the essential chemicals in your herbs via the vapor, there’s no smoke or fumes that burns your throat or any other harmful substances that are products of combustion. Vaporizers extracts the cannabinoids from the plant and converts them to vapor. See The 420 Times to learn about cannabis usage. Cannabinoids have different vaporization points, most start to vaporize at 285 degrees.

Types of Vaporizers 

Since the development of vaporizers the market has been flooded with a wide selection vapes to choose from. Such products include:

1) Pen Vaporizers: These are small sized vapes that can fit into your palm like a pen. If portability and stealth are what you are looking for, these vape pens are made just for you as they are discrete, very easy to handle and come at very affordable prices.

2) Portable Vaporizers: These are vaporizers that are a little bigger than vape pens. Although they are not as discrete as vape pens their vapor quality is more flavored and smooth. They are perfect for travelers who enjoys vaping as they are very portable and can be easily taken on the go. 

3) Desktop Vaporizers: These are also called stay home vaporizers. Desktop vaporizers cannot be easily taken on the go as they have a larger dimension and charging system which require outlets. Desktop vaporizers deliver a higher quality of vapor due to their convection heating source. 

Components of a Dry Herb Vaporizer 

Vaporizers can be broken into the following components:

  • Energy Source: This is the power source of your vaporizer. Most vaporizers are powered by batteries, typically a 510 thread battery, but some are plugged into a wall while there are others which uses flame. For plug-in all you need do is connect to a power outlet and you are good to vape. Battery powered vapes are powered by a battery that is either rechargeable or interchangeable depending on your vape. Some people prefer flame powered vapes as it removes the need to recharge or change batteries, these vapes have a high tendency of combustion.
  • Holding Chamber: This is where you place your herb to be heated via a heating source (mostly a heating coil).
  • Heating Element: This is probably the most important part of your vaporizer as it is what gives life to your vape. It is what controls the speed and distribution of heat to your herbs. Methods of heating include conduction, convection and in rare cases radiation. Conduction heating involves direct contact of the herb with the heating element while convection is the passing of heated air over the herb, it is the most preferred method of heating.
  • Delivery System: This is what transfers the vapor from the chamber to the user. Delivery system include direct draw, whip tubing or balloon style.


How Vaping Works 

A vape is a very straight forward device to use. After the herb is placed in the holding chamber the energy source provides power for the heating method of the vape. The heating method heats the herb until it turns into vapor and it is inhaled via the delivery system. That’s pretty much all there is to vaping, you fill, heat up and inhale no rocket science involved.

If smoking a joint irritates your lungs, vapes are the best options for you. They are ideal for weed freshers as they are less harmful to your throat and lungs, produce less chemicals and still gives you the best out of your herbs.

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