How to Avoid Burning Out Your E-Cigarette E Liquid Coils

There is probably nothing worse than inhaling a great big cloud of vapour that taste like the charred bits of a barbeque. Burnt parts in electronic cigarettes are upsetting and costly.

Burnt mechanisms and wicks leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth and usually require replacement parts.

Luckily it’s not too hard to avoid a burnt parts in your e-cig if you know what to do, so read on below to find out how to avoid burning out your heating mechanism.

Figuring out if the coil is burnt out

If it’s already too late to do anything to save your e-cig, you will know about it pretty quick. E-cigarette users will experience a distinct burnt taste when inhaling on their device, this is the quickest way to know that there’s a problem. If this is the case you should replace the parts in your device.

Even if the coil is only minimally burnt and producing a slight taste you should still replace the parts, as inhaling burnt substances can be dangerous.

Why does it happen?

The cause of burn coils in e-cigarettes is usually because of a dry cotton and high temperatures. When things are running smoothly e-liquids will usually wet the wick and be vaporised by the coil, however if there is not enough e-juice available or the heat is too high then the cotton will not be wet enough to disperse the heat and instead the usually cotton wick will heat up and burn.

How to stop coils from burning out

To avoid the burn out scenario there are a few steps that e-cig users can take to ensure that there is enough e-juice available on the wick and that the rate of vaporisation is not outpacing the wicking. This should help to avoid any unwanted burning of the coil and wick and prevent e-cig users from having to replace parts in their devices.

See below for a few of the key steps that you should follow to avoid burns;


Before taking your first puff enough e-liquids to absorb the heat from the coil. If the mechanism is not first ‘primed’ with liquid and is too dry then it will immediately burn once being lit.

All that is required for priming is just manually soaking the cotton for about 5 minutes to ensure that any issues with dry wicks are avoided. Another way is to take a few puffs on the e-cigarette without pressing the ignite button to avoid any heat. You have to do this carefully though to avoid drawing too much e-juice into the chamber.

Avoid chain smoking

Continuous vaping can lead to coil burns for electronic cigarette users because it doesn’t allow time for the mechanism to properly saturate. The cotton will become too dry if it’s used in quick succession for a lot of puffs and it will burn.

Reduce power settings

Some cloud chasers use high wattages to produce big clouds. The problem is that high wattages suck up more e-liquids and create the burning issue much faster as the e-cig device does not have time to adequately replace the e-juice on the wick.

Top up tanks

Low e-liquid levels in tanks will create problems with cotton saturation and can cause burning, as low levels struggle to reach wicking ports and deliver less e-juice. Much like your car it’s better to not let your e-juice levels get to low as it just creates problems.

If you’re noticing any issues with your e-cig then it’s usually a good idea to refill the tank on your device.

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