How to Boost Your Dispensary Marketing Strategy

Is your dispensary marketing strategy driving organic traffic to your website?

While recreational and medical marijuana are being legalized in an increasing number of states, there are still unique challenges to digital marketing in this industry.

Dispensary Marketing 101

dispensary seo

Facebook, for example, will not even allow paid ads that promote CBD products, let alone marijuana.

This means that as a dispensary, you can’t afford to be ignoring SEO.

Sure, there’s some benefit to organic social media posts, but without the use of paid social advertising, it’s difficult to fully experience the benefits of social media platforms.

Fortunately, the same limitations don’t exist on Google. However, when it comes to Google search, up to 75% of users never scroll past the first page.

Some studies suggest that the number is as high as 92%.


A solid dispensary marketing strategy that includes SEO is very important. Solid SEO ranks your business on the first page for new customers to see, and it is the best option to market your dispensary in a world that is increasingly glued to their devices.

What Is Dispensary SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

While you can’t “force” Google to rank your website on the first page, there are tactics and strategies that you can employ to help Google better understand your dispensary and its services.

There are a variety of ranking factors that Google considers, and the stronger your website performs in these categories, then the higher your website will rank.

As of March 2019, approximately half of small businesses (48%, to be exact) invested in content marketing for SEO.

If you’re sitting on the sidelines when it comes to SEO, this means that your competitors are only going to get further and further ahead of your business.

Good SEO Rankings Don’t Happen Overnight.

It’s a long term play that builds a lasting online presence and brand. Most websites, even if they are established, take between 6 months to a year to fully rank for the most competitive keywords.

Even so, SEO provides a permanent means to establish your business online, and with increased rankings come increased sales.

Think about it: when you’re considering purchasing a product, looking for a new restaurant, or researching reviews, where do you go? Probably Google.

And for most customers looking for your services, it’s the same.

The strength and quality of your dispensary marketing directly impacts how high you rank in Google.

You might have the best dispensary in the state, but if people aren’t finding you on the first page of Google… then, sorry to say it, but new customers cannot find your business easily, and from the comfort of their home. If they’re not seeing you on Google, they may not even know your business exists.

But here’s the good news: dispensary SEO can help your business be competitive no matter where you are.

Can’t I Just Do My Dispensary SEO By Myself?

Google literally has hundreds of ranking factors that it considers when determining who goes on the first page of Google.

Some of these factors include meta titles, URLs, and backlinks.

Other factors include user behavior on your website (i.e. bounce rate), content quality, frequency of updates, and backlinks.

Heck, Google even factors in social factors and social proof!

All of this to say, it’s important to partner with someone who specializes in SEO and understands how all these ranking factors mix together, so you can improve your dispensary marketing the correct way.

Two Sides to the Same Coin

There are two sides to SEO and dispensary marketing. The first side is the technical side. These are the factors that help Google explicitly understand (and find) your website.

Things like keyword research, backlinks, and sitemaps will all help Google understand your business and your ideal audience.

When Google crawls the internet to find valuable search results for users, these factors are like flags to Google that your business exists and that it is a good result for what is being searched.

To prevent people from “gaming” the system with only technical or spammy optimization, Google also factors in the user experience. This is the second side of SEO.

If people are finding your website but leaving immediately, then this sends a negative ranking factor to Google.

But Why?

It suggests that your website quality is either bad or not what the user is looking for.

So, in order to improve dispensary digital marketing, you’ll want to focus on improving the technical aspects of your website while also improving the metrics of user engagement.

How long are users spending on your website compared to your competitors? How many pages are they viewing? What are the reviews saying about your website? What specific keywords are drawing new customers to your business? Also, can customers find you locally and read reviews before visiting you?

Google considers each of these factors when determining where to rank you in its results – both locally and globally.

How to Increase Sales Through Dispensary SEO

First and foremost, you’ll want to focus on local SEO. Local SEO allows Google to pinpoint your business when people are searching for your services nearby.

One of the most common search phrases for dispensaries is “dispensaries in _____” or “dispensaries near me.”

With thousands of searches a month, this is “free” organic traffic that you can be taking advantage of.

By prioritizing dispensary SEO, you can increase your rankings in Google Maps and Google search results.

Green Zen Marketing Takes a “Holistic” Approach to SEO

We consider everything from your current rankings to what your competitors are doing. This allows our campaign managers to help you identify the opportunities for growth.

We provide free SEO audits to find out how healthy your online presence is, so you can move forward with your dispensary marketing strategy in full confidence. You’ll know exactly what needs improvement, and how to do so.

By developing a strategy together, we will help you competitively improve your rankings.

The best part?

We provide analytic reports at the end of each month – describing your keywords rankings and history, as well as showing a comprehensive outlook on your progress with local SEO.

We also offer an in-depth look at all backlinks and other ranking factors for your business, so you can rest assured your dispensary marketing strategy is being monitored every day.

This way, you can specifically understand how our dispensary marketing efforts have tangibly helped you grow your business and strengthen its reputation. You’ll also have time to focus on what matters most to you – your patients, and your dispensary operations.

It’s a journey, and we want to help you understand how far you’ve come and help you see the opportunities of growth ahead!

Not sure where you stand in your dispensary’s SEO? Request a strategy consultation here!

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