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How to choose your smoking accessories?

It used to be a lot simpler to choose your smoking accessories. Having many choices is a beautiful thing, of course, but now there are thousands of them to choose from. While your ultimate choice comes down to your style, preferences, and situation, we decided to help you out a bit by giving you a list to narrow down your search for the best smoking accessories. Here is a list of accessories dealing with cannabis smoking devices: bongs, vaporizers, and glass pipes.

What Are Bongs?

Bongs are large glass pipes that use water to filter out cannabis smoke and are very easy to clean. They are made to smoke ground up marijuana and designed to get you a more potent hit. Many people also call them water pipes.

They offer excellent filtering. If you’re looking for a clean smoke, this is the best product for you.

They are usually made of glass, but sometimes silicone bongs are also available.

You need water to make them work. This makes them better for smoking at home.

They can be considered drug “equipment.” They are not recommended for travel since you could get in trouble in non-legal states and countries.

What Are Vaporizers?

Vaporizers are smoking devices that use high temperatures to vaporize the THC and terpenes in weed. This doesn’t burn the marijuana but makes the essential ingredients turn into vapor.

They work with herbs, wax, and several other forms of THC. Different kind of vaporizer works with its own form of cannabis.

They don’t smell. Because it’s pure vapor, it doesn’t have a strong cannabis smell.

They’re discreet. They look like regular e-cig vape boxes, making them ideal for people who want to stay discreet.

They are expensive but worth it. A vaporizer usually costs between $150 to $400. However, you can find amazing deals on websites like this one.

What’s a Glass Pipe?

Glass pipes come in different types and shapes and are used to smoke cannabis flowers. Each class is best for use with specific quantities and types of products. You can choose between Spoon Pipes, Sherlock Pipes, Bubblers, or Steamrollers, and each has distinct advantages and benefits.

They are affordable. If you’re looking for an affordable smoking accessory, this is it.

They are made of glass, which is easy to clean!

You don’t need water to make them work. This makes them useful to use on the go.

They are easy to use anywhere. This makes them the right travel choice.

Other things you might want to consider:

#1 – Budget

Depending on your budget, you can get a $300 handcrafted art piece. But that doesn’t mean you should break the bank for a pipe – in fact, you can find excellent deals online like on www.ssmokeshop.com website!

#2 – Purpose

Where are you going to use your accessory? If you’re always on-the-go, you might want something small and easy to travel with, and that can fit in your pocket. If you prefer smoking from the comfort of your home, then you might want bigger accessories with a cleaner and stronger smoke like a bong.

#3 – Weight

You can usually tell the quality of a glass or metal piece by its weight. Lighter, thinner glass is much cheaper, but it might break easily. If you’re super clumsy, a heavier piece also generally means that it will be less likely to tip over.

#4 – Preference

At the end of the day, you must ask yourself: what’s your favorite way to smoke? You want to have the best smoking experience, especially if you’re doing it often. If you’re a newbie, you should always start with a gentle option – like a filtered bong – and to choose less expensive options until you find your favorite way to smoke.



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