How to Get the Most Flavor Out of Your E-Juice?

There can be nothing more amazing as compared to taking an enormous hit of e-juice to feel its deliciousness and to watch it billowing through the air and feeling like you exhale luxuriously. Vaping e-liquid has changed the smoking world. It is because this is letting the people enjoy their habit of choice without any health risks and stigma which are strongly and heavily associated with smoking cigarettes. So, whether you are a starter or having an amazing collection of flavors, atomizers, and batteries, vaping is not a hobby with which you want to be wasteful. It is because each and every e-liquid bottle and coil is precious for you. Most importantly, when you are enjoying your favorite taste then surely you never want that to last at all. To help all of the e-liquid fans in making most out of their flavor e-juice, we have brought some amazing information for you but if you want to know more about e-juice or e-liquid then you can learn more about it at Swagg Sauce.

How to make most flavor out of your e-liquid?

Do you want to know about the best tips to make most flavor out of your e-liquid? Well, here is some of the most amazing information for you which is surely going to be the best for you to know in this regard:

Remember the PG Rule

Most of the people believe PGs have a stronger flavor. Well, PG tends to hold better flavor than VG. Because it is tasteless and odorless commonly. While VG contains a touch of sweet flavor which can mute flavor tunes mildly.  

Switch your flavors on a regular basis

Just like eating your food again and again will make you bore similar is the case of vaping flavors. So, to enjoy the best tastes, you must bring a variety in your collection to enjoy the vastness of the flavors.

Tighten your e-liquid bottles properly

After using your e-liquid bottles it is important to tighten the bottles of e-liquid in a proper way. Otherwise you will experience liquid dribbling out the bottleā€™s bottom or side. To avoid this always clean the tanks properly and close them tightly.

Store your e-juice properly

For the e-liquid users, it is highly important to keep the e-juice fresher and for this they have to store e-liquid after knowing favorable storing requirements. Well, most commonly, storing your e-juice in a dark and cool place can be better. Storing in the refrigerator will prevent the degradation of flavor in an effective way.

Understand your vaporizer

It is always the most important step to know your device in a proper way. It is because the design and functionality of every vaporizer are different and even not all of them are being created similarly. Once you have bought a vaporizer then there is a hard need to understand it properly. Get a better idea about its temperature, PG/VG balance, cleaning strategy and other similar things which will let you understand this properly.

 Considering all of these things will surely help you to have the most flavor out of your e-liquids.  

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