How To Smoke Cannabis In Style

One thing that divides regular cannabis users from veterans is how you design your experience. Surprising as it sounds, your approach and mindset have a lot to do with it. Even newbies can have a great time, while seasoned users can miss out on the fun. Smoking goes beyond puffing and inhaling, and there is much more that goes into an incredible session.

If you want to smoke in style, you need to think beyond the ordinary and go the extra mile. It does not require you to spend a fortune, but the right attitude can make all the difference to even an ordinary session. Everything boils down to ensuring that you indulge in a real class act. Here are some tips that can help you smoke cannabis in style.

Invest in high-quality bud

Before anything else, you need to invest in quality buds for your smoking session. Check factors like aroma, flavor, and look of the bud to ensure it is fresh and potent. At this stage, you also need to know the basics about cannabis strains and CBD and THC content. A good understanding can give you a fair idea of the outcomes you can expect, so it will be easy to choose the ideal product. Knowing the terpenes is important from the flavor perspective. You need not pick the strongest or most expensive strain out there, but quality should be paramount. Buy from a trusted dispensary and stick to reputed brands to get the best feel.

Opt for trendy gear

Quality products have you half-covered for an excellent session, but the gear is equally important. After all, high-end equipment can elevate the entire feel of the experience. But you need not spend a fortune on the paraphernalia. It Is a good idea to start with custom glass pipes as a beginner. A personalized piece definitely makes you feel great because you have something perfect for your needs and expectations. Look for a blend of aesthetics and functionality. As a first-timer, you must also pay attention to the learning curve of the equipment you choose.

Master the technique

Smoking in style goes beyond quality buds and luxurious gear. It is also about mastering the technique, which is easier said than done. Smoke rings appear glamorous when someone else makes them, but they come with a lot of practice. You cannot expect to make them as a beginner, and even as you learn the ropes. The smoke can even irritate your throat initially, but you will gradually develop a comfort level. Focus on easy inhalation and exhalation for a rich feel. Practice and patience will take you a step closer to perfection.

Choose the right settings

Another aspect of an incredible cannabis experience is the right setting. Comfort should be your top priority, but there is much more that goes in for luxury. Don’t choose a drab location, but try doing it in a neat and beautiful place. Since outings are passé, you will probably have to enjoy your smoking sessions at home. Work on the décor, and you have a perfect location. You may smoke outdoors, in your garden, or near a lake. But make sure you do it discreetly, without getting unwanted attention. 

Invite your gang

Unless you are a solo-session person, you need good company to smoke in style. Throw a party for your friends or organize a potluck dinner where everyone does a bit. You can even try something different by hosting a theme gathering with fashionably dressed people smoking with high-end gear. A luxurious menu with delicious edibles and rich delicacies can enhance the experience further. Combine them with chic décor and classy music, and you have a perfect recipe for an unforgettable cannabis session. Even as you organize a gathering this season, you must prioritize social distancing to ensure everyone’s safety.

When it comes to smoking in style, you need not burden your wallet for a luxurious session. Just have a quality product and gear to start, learn and master the art, and create the right environment. A little work on bells and whistles sets you up for a good time, so it is worth doing. At the same time, you must prioritize safety during every single cannabis session.

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