How to Smoke Cannabis Out of a Bong

It seems like there are a gazillion ways to consume cannabis now. Doesn’t it? From those dainty dabs to relishing edibles, you can experience cannabis in many ways. In short, there are diverse ways of consuming cannabis now.

However, even with all the advances in the methods of cannabis consumption, one can’t deny that smoking cannabis can never go out of style. And one of the ways that remains at the top is the “mighty bong.” You might also hear people calling it a water pipe. Ideally, it is a tube-shaped apparatus that allows cannabis users to filter smoke via water before inhalation.

Even experts suggest using a bong is one of the healthiest alternatives to smoking. In this article, we’ve rounded up a brief about the water pipe and how you can use it to smoke cannabis in an effective manner.

Bong: What is it, and How Can You Use it?

It is a filtration device that allows users to consume marijuana through smoking. You can find bongs in different shapes and styles. But, even if you purchase unique bongs, the general principle often remains the same. What is that? It passes the smoke through water before inhalation. To put it simply, when the smoke moves through the water, it filters out the undesirable elements and gives you access to purified smoke.

Bongs usually contain a bowl piece where you place your weed. But make sure to grind the weed before putting it. Then, there is a down stem. It is a pipe connecting the bowl to the main chamber. It usually stands at an angle of 45°. And lastly, there is the main chamber which has a mouthpiece at one end and contains water at the other end.

You might find products with more bells or whistles, but the main parts mentioned above remain the same. Once you have an idea about its primary component, this is how you can use it for an incredible smoking experience.

Smoking Marijuana Out of a Bong- Steps to Follow

  • First of all, fill the bong with water through the mouthpiece. Ensure you fill the water at least 1 inch above the point where its stem meets the main chamber.
  • Now place your weed into the bowl. You must pack it in a way that fine particles don’t sack into the water.
  • Further, light weed and suck the smoke through the mouthpiece. Once there is enough smoke, remove the bowl and inhale the smoke deeply for a few seconds.

It’s as simple as that!

But why should you opt for bongs in the first place?

The following reasons will help you understand the benefits of bongs over any other smoking method available in the market.

  • Usually, when you smoke cannabis, it irritates your throat while inhaling. However, with a bong, you can altogether avoid this phenomenon. It’s because it cools down the smoke before you inhale it. Thus, giving you a feeling of a smoother hit.
  • No matter how modern a product you use, lighting anything produces carcinogens as the end-product. However, with a bong, you can significantly reduce the number of harmful compounds. It’s because you inhale the filtered smoke. With bongs, you can get a cleaner experience since the ash and tar stays in the water.
  • The water present in the bong traps the bacteria and mold. Thus, it reduces the number of microbes upon inhalation. Also, with a bong, you can eliminate the presence of contaminants since they usually pass through water.

Experienced stoners usually like a glass bong. Why? As it allows them to take massive rips. Theoretically, you can fill your container with smoke and take it all in. In other words, with bongs, you get an opportunity to inhale bigger hits.

Wrapping Up

If you compare different smoking methods, bongs will always lead the pack since it’s the most healthier smoking option. As we discussed above, it cools cannabis smoke before you inhale it. So, it protects your lungs from the heat. Also, like mentioned before, it filters the smoke. Hence, you can easily avoid particulate matter and toxins getting into your lungs.

Lastly, the whole experience is fun when it comes to bongs. Some even say that it can be a conversation starter. And since they come in a range of colors and shapes, you can choose the one that suits your preferences to enhance the overall experience.

All in all, it is an easy and effective method to feel the effects of cannabis. All you need is good smoking equipment and a good quality product, and you are good to go!

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