Is White Labeling CBD From China A Good Idea?

For those interested in breaking into the CBD market, setting your business apart from the competition may be difficult. With so many CBD products available from so many different companies, creating a niche that stands out can be challenging. 

One of the more interesting alternatives is going with a white label CBD solution that comes from China. For those who are just starting out and may lack the manufacturing capacity needed for big sales, that solution may sound like a good option. But be careful, not all CBD manufacturing is created equal.  

What Is A White Label? 

A white label product is manufactured by a third party then is shipped to the business without a label. Usually it is sold to business owners to distribute the product in their retail stores and is sometimes wholesaled to other store owners. As a distributor, you can purchase the right to sell the product under your own label and make your own brand.

The result is that you have a company that creates virtually everything and anything you can think of. This is a great way for small business owners or entrepreneurs to capitalize on a plethora of CBD products while having someone else manufacture it for you. So now the question is, where do you find a manufacturer that can give you what you need but for a fair price. 

What About White Labeling CBD from China? 

China is quickly becoming one of the largest producers of CBD products in the world. This means that those interested in creating a white label product have at their disposal major manufacturing capacities for what usually seems like a good price.

However, the biggest challenge will be finding a manufacturer in China that is reputable and provides a solid product. While many do, there are tons of fly-by-night companies that are just down right thieves. Below are just a few things to watch out for when dealing with Chinese  manufacturers.

Is It Really CBD?

Because of China’s tremendous manufacturing infrastructure, there is no doubt they can pump out some CBD…but the question is, it is CBD to begin with? We have seen tons of these manufacturers put anything and everything in their CBD products. And unless you third party test the products, it will per hard to tell what is really in that CBD gummy. 

A Completely Different Culture

Of coarse we all know that China is on the other side of the world, but the way that China sometimes does business is also very foreign to the American way. Many Chinese manufacturers do not look at you as a long term client but rather a one time customer. There is a Chinese saying that basically means that if they can get over on you in a business transaction then they should do it. That’s just not cool. 

Dealing With Customs

Even though the price they give you may sound too good to be true, there are other factors that you should consider when calculating price. One of those factors is dealing with customs. Customs is a very strict and unforgiving deal. Sometimes your items can go through without a glitch, but more times than not, there is a very long hold up. Customs needs to know everything about your business, make sure you are caught up on taxes, and sometimes will just hold your shipment for some reason that doesn’t make any sense. We have seen customs holding shipments for up to a full year, only to release the goods without any explanation. 

In closing, going with a white label manufacturer from China provides you with what seems like an inexpensive option for your CBD company. However if you are looking for a long term solution, this might not be the route to go. While there are still many good Chinese manufacturers, you will really need to educate yourself on the ins and outs to mitigate some of the risk involved. If you are looking locally for a trusted and true white label CBD manufacturer, then check out Maxvera Wellness. They are located in American Fork Utah and only source the best flower for their water soluble nano CBD.

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