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Joint Rolling Guide

roll a joint

roll a jointThere are several ways to roll up a joint; however, I’ve found this one method that has proven to be effective and works every time – my joints burn evenly and smoothly.

Materials you’ll need:

  • 1 one-quarter inch rolling paper
  • 1g of ground cannabis

In this image, Mama Meemers uses RAW hemp paper and a bit of ground Geoffery to prepare a joint. As for me, I’ve used orange zig-zags for several years now, but like unbleached hemp papers more, as I believe that they’re healthier than other bleached paper. That is why most people prefer them over everything else.

Start off by grinding your bud. I generally use a herb/coffee grinder to accomplish this – you should find a decent grinder like the one pictured online, or at stores all over for as little as 10 bucks. These grinders are quite good; and if you breathe into the grinder’s lid before grinding, you could catch some keif, which you can use to sprinkle on your joint.

Once you are done grinding the herb, prepare to insert it into your rolling paper. Mama Meemers normally does a final inspection to ensure that there aren’t any seeds or stems. When sprinkling your cannabis into the paper, you might get tempted to place most of it in the middle instead of along the edges. However, avoid doing that since that is what usually causes a joint to look pregnant or like some weird type of whale.

What you want to do is to sprinkle some of your cannabis in the paper and spreading it out so that it’s gathered on either side and less so in the middle, some people like a rolling tray but it is down to personal preference. That way, when rolling, it’ll spread out evenly along your roll for a perfectly cylindrical joint – click here to see a find array of accessories.

Start rolling with the thumb and index fingers of both hands and ensure to tuck the cannabis in while you roll. Once you’ve rolled the joint to the edges, wet the paper’s end – using your tongue – to seal it off. Next, use your tongue to wet your lips then insert the joint in your mouth (make sure it doesn’t touch your tongue or the inside of your mouth.) Grab the joint’s end and gently pull it out of your mouth – this will allow the saliva on your lips to coat the rolling paper. Avoid pulling the paper across dried up lips as it could tear. Once you’ve wet your joint, let it sit for a minute or two for it to dry. Commonly known as baptizing, this method allows your joint to have lesser chances of canoeing or running and to burn more evenly.

After all that, It’s time to light it up!

Joints are awesome. You can share them, hid them behind your ear or in the brim of your hat, and can even be eaten to make them disappear! With this guide, you should be able to start rolling some nice-looking joints that you and your friends will definitely enjoy.



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