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My Kannaway Review and Surprising Findings

Businesses in the cannabis industry have grown substantially over the course of the last few years. Right now, it could be a good time for entrepreneurs to get involved in the field, as many options and opportunities are becoming available, even to those who have little to no experience. Of course, for those who know little about the field or the type of products offered, it can seem to be quite intimidating. However, companies such as Kannaway are working to make it easier to get involved and to spread the message that hemp-based cannabidiol can offer benefits for health and happiness.

This company helps those who are interested in becoming a part of the field. You can start buying and getting other people started with Kannaway. By promoting and selling their products, you have the opportunity to get into the CBD business while it is still in its infancy, and that can be very exciting for entrepreneurs.

What Is Kannaway?

The company truly believes CBD products have the potential to help improve the lives of those who use them. They want to share the message with you, and they want to encourage you to share the message with others. The company has created a stellar reputation, and a huge part of that goes to the high-quality products they offer.

The company is family-oriented and it utilizes sustainable hemp grown in Northern Europe. It is free from pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. One of the benefits to growing these crops is that they tend to grow very quickly, which can allow them to have several harvests in a single year without using too much water. This is important to an environmentally conscious company such as Kannaway.

The products are safe and they have been tested for contamination as well as potency. They provide natural and botanical products that have the potential to change the lives of those who use them. The products are distributed through Brand Ambassadors, which we will discuss later in the review.

What Types of Products Do They Offer?

The company offers a range of quality products. The Revive product is an herbal formula that uses their hemp oil complex formula to help improve health, youthfulness, and beauty. They also offer their Defined line, which is a line of cannabis beauty products. They have Premium Hemp Oil, which can be taken as a supplement, as well as Pure CBD, which does not contain any THC. For those who want to take better care of their skin, there is the Kannactiv line. It is a three-step process designed to clear up skin and to provide an even and healthy tone.

Vaping is one of the popular new trends today, and HempVap from Kannaway is a sustainable hemp oil vaporizer. For those who like to vape, this could be an interesting alternative.

As you can see, with all of the different types of products they have available, it provides you with a range of options as to where and how you can market these goods and sell them for your business. If you believe that it could be a good choice for you, be sure to check out their Brand Ambassador Program, which is explained in the next section.

The Brand Ambassador Program

Those who might be interested in getting started with Kannaway will want to check out the Brand Ambassador Program, which offers some substantial benefits. When you are a member, you will have access to wholesale pricing on the hemp products they offer. You can also earn from the Compensation Plan when you share Kannaway. They have replicated sites provided for you to support the sharing, along with a virtual office that will let you keep track of your team and your earnings.

It is an easy and fast way to become an entrepreneur, and you will even enjoy the tax advantages of having your own business. Those who are members also happen to be eligible for incentives and even special trips. When you become an Ambassador, you will also have two $50 gift cards that you can share with others. Of course, some of the biggest benefits of the program and getting into this field in the first place are the ability to help others to improve their wealth and their health.

Even though you will get all these benefits when you become a Brand Ambassador for Kannaway, the price is quite low. It costs just $49.99 annually. Many will find that this is very reasonable if they are considering getting into the business.

They encourage those who want to start spreading the message of the product to start by using the products for themselves. They believe that after having used the products, it becomes easier to promote them properly, as you have seen the effects that they can have.

Is It Right for You?

While there are certainly a number of great things about Kannaway, and many Brand Ambassadors are quite happy with their experiences, you need to make sure it is the right choice for you. If you are considering starting a business, this could be a good option, but be aware that there are some initial investments that you will need to make in the products.

In addition, you may want to have some of the products for yourself first. This will allow you to try those products to see how they work. Seeing that they can work will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are providing quality products to family and friends who decide to use them. We’ll post reviews of Kannaway CBD oil from customers below as we receive them. We have a limited number of Kannaway gift cards that we post here when available.

Kannaway has quite a bit of potential, especially as more and more people are starting to learn about the benefits that cannabis can offer. Take the time to learn more about the company, and determine whether becoming a brand ambassador and selling might be right for you. Understand the costs of getting started and make sure you have a plan in place that can help you to make a profit.

Learn more about and buy Kannaway CBD oil products.

Learn more about becoming a Kannaway brand ambassador.




    • Michael - March 30, 2017

      No Kannaway is not a scam. I joined as a brand ambassador about a year ago and it is a legitimate company. I’ve been to a couple of their red carpet events in denver and they definitely are high energy events created to motivate you to go sell kannaway products to anyone and everyone. They also strongly encourage you to buy products for yourself but I did not. I have managed to make a few sales just by mentioning the products to friends. I haven’t exactly gotten rich but yes I have made some money and I intend to make some more. Kannaway is a good fit for people that really like to talk about what they do to LOTS of other people – especially if you happen to know lots of older people with back pain, knee pain, trouble sleeping, etc. If you just mention that you know of a product that helps with these issues (and have some with you) you’ll make some sales.

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    • Aaron - June 14, 2017

      I’ve used the kannaway gold premium hemp oil and it really helps me. I’ve looked into various products carefully and there’s a few ways that the kannaway premium oil is set apart from other remedies. It has higher potency that any other product available right now – 120mg CBD. Also it is filtered 3 times during production which makes it really pure. I’d like to let others know that this is a high quality product.

      Reply to this comment
    • Sarah - October 18, 2017

      I tried Kannaways Revive Pro and it tastes good which helps me to keep taking it. Other brands tasted awful so I stopped taking ti. Revive is absorbed directly into the blood stream without the need to smoke it. I’m glad I finally found a product that I can stand taking to help me with my pain.

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