Know More About Types of CBD Flower and Buds Before You Shop

In the recent past, the demand for CBD Flower in the market has improved globally. Many people are trying to use it for medicinal purposes as well. They have expressed their satisfaction over the usage of buds, CBD oil, and other products in the treatment of anxieties and other illnesses. However, the experts and many governments around the world are still apprehensive about it. This is a debatable topic and for now, keeping it aside will be a good idea. Nonetheless, to learn more about its type will be a sensible step for you.

So, do not shy away. Try to understand the different types of strains available in the market.

Cannabis and types

Technically, Cannabis is a term used for three types of plants. These are differentiated on the basis of its leaves. You may learn more about the common names of it used by people, such as pot or weed online. However, there is no denial of the fact that this drug is illegal in many places while legal at others. Interestingly, this doesn’t cast a shadow on its properties.

Here no argument is placed for the benefits of the product or its disadvantages. The sole purpose is to understand these three types of Cannabis strains.


Also known as Cannabis Sativa, this plant has distinctive leaves. These are longer and even thinner than the other two Cannabis leaves. They are even lighter in color.


These leaves are denser than Sativa and their color is also darker. They are not thin like the former but their buds are quite popular.


Cannabis Ruderalis falls in between the two aforementioned strains with respect to the color, thickness, and length of the leaves. These are neither longer like Sativa or darker like Indica.

Sometimes you get the buds of these plants in concentrate or hybrid forms. So what are these?

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

When the plant of cannabis is processed to produce oil or creams then these are known as concentrates.

What are Cannabis Hybrids?

Cannabis Hybrids are produced by mixing the buds of Sativa and that of Indica. This way when you start taking any of these strains then you avail the benefits of the plants of both the types. It is considered important to get an idea of types of hybrids available in the market.

Types of Hybrids

Broadly, Hybrids are of two types. Despite saying this, it is necessary to highlight that you may find a variety of these online. The effects of each differ depending upon the degree of fusion of both the plants.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

In this type of strain, the effects of Sativa are more dominating and so your mood is uplifted in a different way. However, the sedating effects are lesser than those of Indica. Apart from this, there is another type of Hybrid where the proportion of Sativa and Indica are equal.

Indica Dominant Hybrid

The name of this hybrid is self-explanatory. It offers you a dominating Indica effect. The euphoric feelings are there but the painkilling properties are higher. 


Just like any other product, Cannabis has its own pros and cons. If there are limitations then there are some positive things too. Undoubtedly, how you use it will profusely determine its effects. 

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