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Mint Waferz by Glo Extracts Review

Mint Waferz by Glo Extracts is an excellent option for those looking for something with a lot of flavor in it.  Thie hybrid cartridge from Glo Extracts is one of the best things you’ll hear about lately. If you are looking for flavor, Mint Waferz can satisfy you with its rich taste and excellent high. Mint Waferz is one of those cartridges that you just keep hearing about because of the intriguing hype around it.

Glo Extracts has a wide range of products and that is well documented. Mint Waferz just jumps off the shelf because of its insanely good flavor and excellent high with it. Aside from the flavor and the high, the packaging is just absolutely amazing. The color scheme is slick with the gold and black and the gold seal just pops out at you.

The QR code, or Glotrack, is another feature that just gets your attention right when you see the packaging. The Glotrack is how Glo Extracts goes about their verification process as they show you results straight from the lab on your cartridge.


The flavor of this cartridge jumps out at you the most as it has hints of mint and other sweet flavors to make you want another hit instantly.  Because the flavor is so good, it is hard not to keep smoking it and therefore, the high gets better.  Mint Waferz is one of those that you can show up to a party with and no one will complain.  Mint Waferz by Glo Extracts is definitely a product you should check out and look for other cartridges on the Glo Extracts website.   



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