More Than Just Weeds: Innovation in the Cannabis Industry

Nine states have legalized recreational marijuana and more than half of the states have legalized medicinal cannabis to some extent. With all of that legalization, entrepreneurs and innovators alike have jumped into the industry. Innovation is driving the industry, growing it, and without it, there might not be those cool pen vaporizers, that tasty new line of edibles, or even… that airline featuring planes made entirely of hemp.

The legalization movement has brought cannabis into the mainstream. Where once it might have been the bane of the far-right wing and relegated to the ne’er-do-wells and the counterculture, make no mistake: cannabis is here to stay.

Cannabis consumers are also a creative, resourceful bunch. They are bringing unique products to the legalized market, upgrading that old metal pipe or the ubiquitous apple bong to be stylish, stealthy, and tasty. Here are some examples


THC and CBD-infused snacks have come a long way since space cakes and magic brownies. Now, you can get just about anything you want infused with cannabis. From chocolate, which has even become available for those practicing microdosing to gummy candies, to gums and mints, cannabis-infused treats are everywhere. And since not everyone has a sweet tooth, or at least, not all the time, there are now CBD and THC infused oils that can be incorporated into everyday cooking, allowing meal times to incorporate treatment. Need a protein kick? Try cannabis-infused beef jerky. Craving a salty snack? Try Auntie Dolores’ pretzels, which pack 60 mg of CBD. Still got that sweet tooth but feeling crafty? Try Paracanna’s Zen Zingers Cannabis Gummy Making Kit.


Sometimes, you just need a drink. If you’re wanting to incorporate cannabis into your daily caffeine kick, BrewBudz has your back. These Keurig pods come in both coffee and tea, so lovers of both can get their cannabis-infused morning pick-me-up or bedtime brew going. Prefer hot chocolate? They’ve got that, too. Need a glass of wine with a bit of an additional kick? Know Label has a cannabis-infused wine from California created by cancer-survivor and singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge. Whatever your preference: soda, juice, coffee, tea, or even flavored water, there’s a cannabis-infused beverage for just about everyone.


Whether you prefer to vaporize dry herbs, oils, or wax, there’s a vaporizer out there for you. Most people are familiar with vape pens, but until recently, most of those available were THC-infused rather than CBD-infused. What’s more, they only came in cannabis flavor… and odor. That is until Neos released a pen with strawberry-mint flavoring. Another innovation is low-heat vaporizers because no one likes the taste of burnt cannabis when they’re trying to vape. The Ghost Vaporizer from Dr. Dabber heats the cannabis oil slowly, so you avoid that yucky burnt taste. The Pax 3 is an all-in-one that can act as a dry herb vaporizer but also allow you to vaporize other concentrates.

Hemp Airlines

Imagine a plane made entirely from and powered by … hemp. Sound unrealistic or relegated to science fiction? No longer, thanks to the Canadian cannabis company Hempearth, who has designed this plane sure to appeal to both cannabis and environmental activists. The plane can hold the pilot and four passengers. Since hemp is stronger than steel, the CEO of Hempearth, Derek Kesek is hoping that the plane will promote the use of hemp as a building material.

From innovations in how cannabis is ingested to innovations in building materials and proving that hemp can be used in a variety of functional ways, the cannabis industry is driving innovation. Innovators and entrepreneurs alike are creating new things daily. From yummy edibles to savory cannabis-infused treats for Fido and Fluffy, the future of cannabis innovation is sure to be something to watch, and to potentially invest in!


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