My Review of the Dab Station

When I bought my first Blazy Susan in April, I had to make the agonizing decision of which color Dab Station and Debowler to get. I loved every color they offered, and went with pink as I thought it would go well with the black Blazy Susan I bought. Both the Dab Station and Debowler were far more useful than I anticipated. You can fit a large number of items in the Dab Station, and it really controls the clutter. I’m no longer misplacing and losing small tools and accessories. Knowing how useful these tools were, I’d frequently visit the Blazy Susan site to gaze upon the various colors.

Recently I bought a second Blazy Susan in June, and again it was a struggle to select between the remaining colors. It also occured to me that I didn’t have room in my house to have a Blazy Susan for every color set. It would be cool if I did, but I just bought the remaining sets to switch out instead of buying a bigger house. Every day I switch out my accessories on my Blazy Susan, as I set my sesh station up for the day. Yesterday was purple, today is blue. My supplies are organized, and I’ve made my environment more beautiful with the help of Blazy Brands.”¬† You can find the review¬†

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