Natural Marijuana Detoxification

There are numerous reasons as to why one must potentially need to be detoxed from marijuana quickly. Some of the highest-ranking reasons why one might need to produce a marijuana-free urine sample include:

  • Job interviews
  • When one’s parents wants him tested
  • Admission into college
  • Driver’s test/ truck-driving school
  • Psychological test
  • Medical test

How long does marijuana stay in the system? THC which is an abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol stays up to a week or two in the system, although its presence can be sensed using any of these tests.

  1. Saliva tests: One will test positive for THC within the first six hours of its use. It wouldn’t test positive twelve hours after use.
  2. Urine tests: On a urine test within two to five hours after last use, THC will test positive. However, the period of time it remains in the system depends on the level of use.
  3. Hair test: This test method measures the remaining THC metabolites in the hair follicle over the past months. Going around this one is usually not an easy experience.

It is imperative that you know the length of time you will need to be free of marijuana. For one-time use, a week should be enough for detoxification. Moderate to heavy users might need between two to four weeks. If you are scheduled for a test within short notice, then it’s imperative that you take a quick action as early as possible. Firstly, determine your usage level and the length of time detoxification would take, then enact a detox plan.

Waiting for the marijuana to leave your system naturally is usually the best course of action. Whilst waiting for the marijuana to take its course, it’s essential that you consume a healthy diet and undertake moderate exercises.  This will steadily, albeit slowly flush the cannabinoid from the system. It has been known that THC hides out in fatty Cells in the body before steadily dissolving into the bloodstream as fatty Cells release energy. The kidney filters out the THC and it enters the urine. This is the point where they become detectable by urine tests. However, the following factors affects the concentration of THC in a urine sample;

  • The Concentration of the urine sample
  • The presence of substances that interfere with measurements in the urine sample
  • The sensitivity of the marijuana test

Marijuana detox remedies work by attempting to make the body remove THC faster and to help dilute the cannabinoid.

We have previously stressed that the safest method of detoxing marijuana is by purely natural methods. In that vain, we have taken the liberty to explain these natural methods.

  1. Water and Diuretics: the first things to go for when considering detoxification are water and diuretics. It stands to reason that with every urine you pass out, the more dilute the urine becomes. However, there are caveats to this. One of which is that some screenings will show a positive result for dilute urine. Coffee is an example of a natural diuretic.
  2. Exercise: Exercise helps if there is enough time before your drug screening. It increases the rate of THC expulsion from your body.
  3. Diet: Despite your attempt to detoxify the marijuana in your system, you have to keep your body in a healthy state. You’d need to drink enough water and eat balanced and healthy diet days preceding the drug screening.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana might be good for a lot of reasons but helping you pass a drug test is well out of it. Taking a drug test after consumption of marijuana is a really stressful experience that at the very least cause anxiety and worse. Using these tips we’ve illustrated can improve your chances at passing drastically.

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