Overview of Marijuana Jobs Available in Denver

budMarijuana has become legal in certain states, which means that there are plenty of marijuana jobs available out there. Because marijuana selling is no longer a black market affair in states like Colorado, it is entirely possible to find a job in the industry. There are jobs that deal with many different aspects of marijuana, as it needs to be grown, sold, supported, and maintained. Understanding what jobs are out there, what qualifications you need, and how much they pay can help you decide if it is the right industry for you. Many of the jobs in the industry do not require a college education, but some do, such as the medical marijuana dispensary manager and even some of the cultivating positions will require a degree in agriculture.


The budtender is the most common job dealing with marijuana and is where many people start in the industry. In this position, you are selling marijuana to people, which means you have to be a people person as well as be educated about marijuana. You can think of it as the bartender equivalent of marijuana. You have to be able to hold conversations with people about the drug, what its benefits are and maybe even share personal stories with them. People will turn to you for the latest and greatest information, including asking you questions about products, what your opinion is and what the popular choices are at the establishment you are working. As a Budtender you will have access to a variety of products and tools, oftentimes before they hit the retail market in order to be able to sell them.

Budtenders are usually the first step in the marijuana industry and are perfect for the beginner. The basic requirements of working as a budtender include the need to have people skills; the ability to learn about the products; and the ability to be at work on time and be ready to learn new opportunities. Generally, budtenders have their medical marijuana card and plenty of experience with marijuana that they can impart on their customers. In addition, you will need to be well educated on the subject and willing to learn more. There is not a lot of training in the field, with the exception of what you would learn at any retail store, but you must be willing to listen and learn in order to succeed. The customers of your establishment will not be using the marijuana, but you will need to talk to them about the experience so that they will know what to expect. Budtenders make in the $9 to $12 per hour range.

Marijuana Growers

Of course, the marijuana industry would not exist without growers, which means that there is a large demand for people in this position. People from all stages of marijuana growing can enter this field and expect to make a decent living. Marijuana growing is a very important position which requires you to be very knowledgeable on the subject as well as willing to learn. If you are a beginner, starting out as a budtender can help you gain the knowledge you need as you work your way into the growing field, if you have an interest in agriculture and helping to nurture things into beautiful products.

As a marijuana grower, you must know the steps to proper growth. If you are able to deliver high quality and large amounts of marijuana, there are always opportunities for bonuses for you. In this position, you will not deal with customers, so there is no need to be a people person, so to speak. This job is quite different; it allows you to be alone and focusing on the growth of this popular drug. Of course, as with most jobs, you will likely work with a team, meaning that you need to be a team player. The team that works together well will deliver the highest results and make the most money. When you work as a team, you can help each other ensure that the best marijuana is grown with the highest quality, allowing the dispensary to be the most lucrative in the business.

Training for marijuana growing can come from a multitude of places. Many people have their own experience and transfer it to the medical marijuana world. Others have a degree in agricultural or horticulture that they bring to the industry; some companies make this a requirement. Sometimes, employees that start from the ground up, such as budtenders, learn the trade as they go and become very successful marijuana growers as well. No matter where you come from and what experience you have, you will need to have proper knowledge of all techniques involved in growing marijuana; understand the variables that can affect it; be able to carefully document all techniques and inventory; and be able to stick to your schedule in order to ensure that all plants are in optimal conditions at all times. This is not the typical first job in the medical marijuana world unless you have plenty of personal experience that you can use or you have a knack for growing marijuana.


With the high demand for medical marijuana where it is legal, trimming has become a highly sought after position for many people. It used to be a seasonal position, but now it is year round in many areas. Many trimmers are able to strictly trim year-round, while others find that they can fill in for other positions during down times, such as budtender, grower or back of the house positions, such as administration. If you have multiple skills in the industry, you will be able to make a living year-round in this industry.

The trimmer position is one that requires specific skill and expertise, which means that it often offers a large salary. Typically the trimmer makes twice as much as the budtender, but the tradeoff is the monotony of the job. You are trimming leaves all day long. If you are multi-talented and able to help out in other areas of the business, your job will not be as monotonous all day long, which can be good if you are the type that gets bored with the same task over and over again. However, there is a very specific technique that needs to be used that you must thoroughly understand in order to succeed at this position. In general, in order to get a job as a trimmer, you must have experience. It is not one that offers a lot of training, since training basically comes with experience. You will need to have an understanding of the plants, how they work, and what care they need in order to gain this position. Generally, you need to have great focus and the ability to perform a stellar job in order to gain this position. Trimmers are paid on an hourly basis in the range of $12 to $18 per hour.

Marijuana Dispensary Manager

One of the most lucrative jobs in the marijuana industry is the marijuana dispensary manager. In this job, you are in charge of the dispensary, which means you need to have knowledge of all aspects of growing, maintaining, and selling medical marijuana. You are responsible for handling the cash flow, inventory, ordering, legal aspects, and financial aspects of the dispensary. The inventory levels will be dependent on your ability to manage them, as will staffing the dispensary with responsible and eligible employees, dealing with vendors, and maintaining the upkeep of the business.

In order to obtain this job, extensive experience is necessary in many areas including retail, marijuana growing, organizing, and supervisory experience. Most companies will require a Bachelor’s degree to show your ability to understand management and effectively implement those skills in the workplace. Generally, experience in the cannabis industry is desired, but training can be provided if you have the management skills, but not the cannabis experience. You must be a people person in order to succeed at this job as you will not only be dealing with customers of the dispensary, but also all of the employees that make up the business. It is your job to understand and implement all of the laws regarding medical marijuana and dispensing it as well as ensuring that everyone within the company is following the laws as well. This job usually offers a median salary of $48,000 per year.

As you can see, there are many jobs available in the medical marijuana industry in Denver. The key to start in any position is to obtain your medical marijuana card. This will give you an “in” with most companies. If you are a beginner, you can find places that will allow you to start as a budtender and work your way up through the company. In addition to the marijuana specific jobs are the standard jobs such as administration, accounting, marketing and security, allowing people from all walks of life to work in the medical marijuana field. With the popularity of the industry, there are bound to be more and more weed jobs popping up as well as lucrative salaries for people in all stages.


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