Why Percolator Bongs Are So Popular


If you have not heard of the percolator bong in 2017 then you must be living in a cave, the perc pipe is by far the most popular bong/water pipe currently being sold both off and online; and for plenty of good reasons! Let me take you on a virtual tour showing you why they are so popular, how they work and the many benefits that come with using one.

What the hype is about

Despite what some people say about marijuana there is a huge increase in drug paraphernalia being produced and countries are legalising the herb all the time. The more smokers onboard the crazier the bongs and water pipes get. But one type of bong that really caught on a few years back is the percolator bong. Unlike some crazes this one did not die out, it was here to stay and it kept advancing all of the time. What these do is produce a far cleaner and tastier smoke. Side by side, in comparison with a normal type of bong the difference is huge.

How they work

You can literally watch the magic happen and it is pretty memorizing. The percolator comes in quite a few radically different shapes. But the result is the same. The smoke begins it’s journey in the same way, but at some point it has to pass through the perc which is a separate piece of glass normally located half way up the main pipe. They are often submerged in water for enhanced results. Once the smoke reaches the perc it is forced to split through little tunnels and holes. As you can imagine, as the smoke leaves each hole it becomes a separate ploom of smoke with much more surface area than before which means the water can cool it down far more effectively. At the same time of the separation lots more tar is removed, which brings us to the benefits.

What are the benefits

The result in all the extra removal of tar and cooling of the smoke gives the user a much smoother hit. The cooler temperatures allows the user to taste all of the properties within their herb. So with more taste and less dangerous tar the benefits are absolutely huge.

Where can I buy a percolator bong?

You’ve heard all about the greatness of these water pipes, now it is time to join in the hype. You can buy a percolator bong here at HerbTools with the benefits of online shopping and knowledgeable customer support.

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